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Monday, November 30, 2015


Thanksgiving sounds like it was a blast! For thanksgiving I had tortillas with ham! haha. 

So it's snowing? Wow! Its really, really hot here.

That is a hilarious story about Max! Poor thing. I really wanted Kelly and Mark to be at the airport but I know that they are going to be there for christmas so it gives me comfort. I can't wait to see the babieeees!

Remember how last week I kind of had a mix of emotions and was confused about coming home and wondering if I had done all that was asked of me? Well, this week I just felt a lot of joy. I feel like Heavenly Father has accepted my service and that I have done what He has called me to do. Even though I'm not a perfect missionary and there are a lot of mistakes I've made, he has seen my effort and my repentance and I feel really happy! I've accepted that I'm coming home and I'm happy about it. I feel really privileged to serve a mission and I'm going to work hard until the very end. Then on to my life long mission!

We are teaching an adorable old man named Alvaro Alvarez. Is that not the best name you've ever heard? He's getting baptized on saturday. At first his family was shocked that he was going to be baptized because he has studied with Jehovahs Witnesses, he's Catholic, and he has a lot of different influences. Also that he's almost 80 years old. But he loves the church and wants to get baptized! I'll send a pic. 
Love you!

Alvaro Alvarez

Adreina's wedding.

Francis. She is amazing and so funny!

On divisions with Hermana Haacke

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