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Monday, August 31, 2015


This week I have a lot of news. Hold on to your chairs. :)

One morning we were studying and we got a call from Presidente Laboriel. After asking us about the Ten Commandments, prophets and Articles of Faith, he told me that I needed to make a decision to either stay until February or go home on December 10 and end my mission with 17 months and 5 days. He said it was completely up to me and the Lord, and to let him know as soon as possible. 

So I went to my room and asked God. I told him that I would do whatever He asked me to do and I just wanted to do His will. After praying, I opened my scriptures and read in D&C 88: 83-84 and then D&C 90: 12. It was so clear! I felt so good and my spirit felt renewed and so grateful to be here. So I am staying a month more. Until February. I feel very good about it and I know it's the Lords will for me. I promised him I would sacrifice everything to Him. Time, talents, and my very life if necessary. Really what is one month more? It's nothing compared to what I am indebted to him. And I know He will guide my life. 

Thank you for praying for my safety as we really needed it this week. Long story short, we have to move houses again for safety reasons. Heavenly Father really protects us. He performs miracles. Don't worry, just pray for us. :)

This week was really hard because some heartbreaking things happened. I wanted to cry because it is just so sad. But we also saw some grand miracles because the Lord brought us to a house and the woman said that we were her angels that answered her prayers. 

I love you and thank you for always supporting me!!!!

 Hermanas Flores y Hubler 

Welcome to church!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Word of the week: Power


Hi family :)

I loved the pics and kind words you sent me! Kel looks so cute! Marisi is homeeeeeeeee! 

Well this week had the ups and downs as life always does. The first part of the week I felt a lot of anxiety after my companion left. But the Lord helped me and it's all going to be ok. Hermana Flores is really nice! She is my fourth companion that is Mexicana so I'm on a streak! She brought like fifty hot sauces and eats everything with chile. Normal ordinary sandwiches are turning into hot and spicy creations that Dad would definitely appreciate. hee hee. And she brought a lot of Mexican candy! woot woot! Its delicious. She also likes to sing and dance and is a pro at doing accents from Argentina, Mexico, Russia and the Tico accent. I love it.

We had some miracles this week. We prayed to find a family one morning and that day after searching and talking to everyone, we found a family who accepted us and accepted to be baptized. The mom is really sick but she said she wants to change her life. At the end of the lesson we were able to say a prayer kneeling down and it was really special.

Also can I just say the Book of Mormon has power?? We went to go visit the family whose son suffers from depression. Remember them? The parents were expressing their concern for their son and were really worried, and we were able to share from the Book of Mormon with them in Mosiah 4 where it talks about parents teaching their children in righteousness. It really calmed them down and there was a literal peace in the room. There really is so much power in using the Book of Mormon.

We got to see a broadcast from Elder Nelson transmitted from Honduras for all the missionaries in Centro America. It was awesome!! He talked about the importance of helping people enter the temple and focusing on helping people who have a connection to the church. And there was a talk that I loved about choosing to have joy. Happiness really is a choice. Everyday we should choose to have joy and we WILL. :) 

I want to give you the challenge on helping less actives at church and inviting them to family night. It has POWER. It's the little things that make a difference.

Send me pics! 

I love you and thank you for your prayers and support always!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hello. Answers.

Hola y Pura Vida!

1. I'm not getting transferred. I'm still here in Tejar getting tan and working hard! I think I have at least 6 more weeks for the next change.
2. Yes, mi companera is going  home. :( I feel like a part of heart is breaking to be honest. We are completely opposite and we completely worked our tails off here. Last night the members threw Hermana Montoya a goodbye party and all our converts were there and it was so special to hear their testimonies. Our converts are truly converts! Its a miracle from God. I have just never seen so many miracles than with Hermana Montoya. I am seriously missing her already. My new companion is Hermana Flores from Mexico. It's going to be fun!
3. Yes, we have an amazing Cocinera. Her name is Yazmin. She is from Honduras and she feeds us really well. She served a mission and understands. 
4. I don't think I will be going home in January because there is not a change in January and so I'm pretty sure its December. I'm really confused and everyone here is asking so I will just keep you posted. But all I know is it's December or February and I'm pretty sure they won't have us extend a whole month! I'll let you know when I know for sure.

Please tell everyone thank you for the clothes! Our converts are going to be so happy! I'm serious. On sunday Jairo, our recent convert, put on a white shirt and tie and he looked so good. These people are so grateful for anything. Thank you! I cannot tell you thank you enough.

Thank you for all your prayers because I feel them. This week I got to go with my companion to the temple with all the people who are going home and our mission president. I was lucky because I was the only one who got to go with special permission! They were all like what are you doing here? But I enjoyed it. It was wonderful to be there.

(Hey, Dad, always remember the crunchy crunchy! Hahaha.)

Goodbye party for Hermana Montoya.
Mi new companera, Hermana Flores.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Words that will stay in my heart forever.


I have never felt so happy. The wedding and baptism was on Saturday. Of course it was crazy beforehand getting everything ready because something always happens but it worked out! We were praying that the members would come support and you know what? We had 60 people at that baptism. Even our mission president and his wife came! It was soo special. 

Before the baptism Hermana Laboriel went on visits with us! When people asked who she was, she said that she was our mom here in Costa Rica. And the elders went out to work with President. It rained and we all got soaked right before the baptism. haha. The rain and heat has been CRAZY here.

But really it was so special. There were a few little mishaps but in the end, that wasn't important. The most important thing was that they were able to get baptized and confirmed as a family. You could see their happiness. Yesterday they invited us over for dinner. Hyrum is really quiet and hardly shares his opinion, but he told us that he had something to tell us. He told us simply "I feel so happy and thank you for helping my family." Those words will stay in my heart forever.

Now for some business. I will be going home in January, not December. President said that if we were called to serve for 18 months or 2 years, we will stay that long. So don't worry about enrolling me. I actually feel fine about it.

To be honest, honest...at first I wanted to go home in December to be home for Christmas and go to school in January, but when he said that, I felt a lot of peace enter my heart and I want to finish my complete time. Also school will always be there, but my mission won't and there is still so many things to do here! 

Thank you so much for sending clothes and the support from the ward!! You would not believe how much it is needed here.

I love you ALL.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jumping out of my chair!


Well what a week. I loved seeing the pics of Swiss National Day with the fam! Wow you all went crazy there!  There was also a huge celebration here but for the Virgin of Los Angeles. A few bombs went off at 5 in the morning and you know what? I was dead asleep because I don't wake up for anything! So that was fun.

This week I went on divisions again! With Hermana May. She is so sweet and an excellent missionary! I watched her start her mission in Heredia and now she is doing some amazing things. I feel so blessed because every week I can learn from a new hermana. We had a ton of fun and we went climbing a bunch of hills and starving to death because it was the end of the month. oopsies. But now its the first of the month! yay!

We had an amazing meeting with President Laboriel. Can I just throw it out there that he is incredible? I know I keep saying that! He is making a ton of changes to this mission. Sometimes when changes happen the natural instinct is to want to do things in the way we used to do them. But President Wilkinson helped us prepare and accept everything the new president does because he is called of God to make us exceptional missionaries and an excellent mission. 

He changed the goals for baptism every month to 5 instead of 2. So we are going to go for it! He is now giving us pins for baptizing families and we have newspapers every month. In the meeting he exuded so much energy. He basically jumps out of the chair every time he talks.  

And we now have a song written especially for this mission! So much happiness fills my heart singing that! He puts us on the spot to recite the Articles of Faith and 10 commandments and prophets and a whole bunch of stuff. And if we get it wrong we do pushups! Well the elders do. Not the sisters. The elders do double if we mess up! haha. But seriously, this mission is changing even more for the better.

I just want to share a quick spiritual thought. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and I was surprised to see that Claudia (our investigator) got up to bear her testimony. She said that she used to never let anyone in her house - any type of missionaries. But when we came to her house she said that the first thing she saw was our smiles and something inside her told her to let us in. 

She said that ever since she has been learning about the gospel, her life is completely changed. Her husband found work, they have never gone hungry. and she said that she always used to wonder why we said "I testify this is true." But she said that now she understands and she can truly testify that this is the true church! Everyone was speechless to hear that faith filled-testimony. She is amazing and I know God truly touches peoples hearts. I know this is His work and I feel so grateful to be part of it.

I love you! (ps are you still going to do the clothes drive?)

My peeps.