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Friday, May 29, 2015

Some things never change. I'm referring to my disability with directions.

Hello. :)) I love all of your emails. I was excited to hear about the family campout. Thank you for keeping me up and whenever I hear about max and everyone I just want to see you! 
Mom I received your extremely honest letter. I just about died. It was a top 10 best letter I have ever received in my life. I enjoyed that girl chat.

Well today, Im not sure why but I feel a little anxious and overwhelmed with email time. I just feel like I cant get back to everyone and say what I really want to say. So that is the worst. Hope you can forgive me for some scattered emails. 

I love my camera! Im taking a lot of pics but there's always something that happens...for example today I brought the wrong chord so I cant send them. Thank you for your lovely patience.

We had double divisions this week. So I stayed here in this area for the whole week and let me just say that some things never change........I am referring to my disability with directions. hahahaha! I took like 5 wrong busses and we got lost a lot but in the end we ended up having some great adventures.

We are still working with 2 wonderful ladies. They were so READY to be baptized but one of the dear sisters got REALLY sick with a high fever and other terrible symptoms for days. It was the worst! It was a trial of faith! She was able to get a blessing from the Elders and we prayed and fasted for them. Yesterday night she was healed! So this week they will get baptized. :) We have been working so hard with them. They are amazing.

What else? I am eating, and breathing and preaching the gospel. :) Thank you for all your support. I hope you all know I love you. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!
The cutest little chunk! Her name is Sarai. :)

My cray cray companion. I love this woman!

In our house. :)

On P-day with the missionaries and our lovely investigator.
In a really tight alleyway..

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I am so excited for your home campout you are going to have!! Make sure to send some pics if you can!!! :)
There's a lot of things to say. We had some crazy fun times this week. We had a big talent show in the stake, and our zone did a silent musical. I was on divisions so I wasn't there when they did the practice, so they made me a rock. And then I got updated to tree number 2. I was a tree in the Sacred Grove so I appreciated that. I was joking around beforehand saying that I have prepared my whole life for this moment and I was so nervous. Hahaha!

 And we also sang and I got the chills the whole time and just felt so happy and grateful to be with these missionaries. Also, I accidently stole an elders plaque and put it on because we were scrambling because in the skit we didnt have them. Long story short, I was an elder for approximately 5 mins.  And then my companion signed me up to sing with my uke and I sang the song that Hermana Acosta and I wrote about missionary work. And she told me I had a shell shocked look on my face because I didn't realize there was so many people! But it was really fun. I have videos of both these things but I cant send them right now. After my mission you can see them!
We went on divisions and I went back to San Carlos....my first area. Well not exactly but really close. It was so weird to be back there. I felt this weird feeling in my stomach to be there again. It was like all the memories from starting my mission flashed before my eyes. But it was great. :) 

We had to go on emergency divisions because some hermanas were having a hard time and really discouraged. When I got there, the hermana I was with was really sad and I was praying to know what I could say or do to help her. We ended up having a really amazing talk and we both felt a lot of peace. And then we WENT TO WORK! We talked to everyone in our path and invited people to be baptized and the Lord blessed us with a ton of new investigators that day. 
At the end, she was so happy and we could see the hope. 

Do you remember that talk the 4th Missionary? I read it again recently and I want to be like that - just to be able to give everything to God. You have to give up everything, all your fears, or weaknesses and just say...I'm weak but with Thee I can do it. I truly love being a missionary. Its the best shaping experience for my life.
Welp, one thing I am definitely learning is patience because we are working so hard with an amazing family and they were so excited for their baptism and then all of a sudden they said that they dont want to. :( So we are going to work really really hard this week to help them. I know the Lord will work everything out. I trust Him. 
Other than that, I am well. And happy. Thank you for everything. I love you with all my heart. And even though life can be so stressful, just give everything to God and He makes us strong. You all are the best...
Talk to you soon!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Skype.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Do your hair. Please."

OKAY. Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers. I have been absolutely exhausted this week because we are working so hard. I really like my companion. We get along super well and she reminds me a lot of Kelly in some ways. At night before we go to bed we talk about everything and laugh and laugh. She is funny and direct, and a really hard worker. So this week we literally knocked it out and it was amazing. And we saw miracles!!!

The people are amazing here in Tejar! We are working in this area called La Lucha which means The Struggle. Its literally the hood. Everyone was looking at us like....what are they doing here? But the people accept us easily. We are teaching the coolest people, I'm serious! They have lots of struggles but we have had some really spiritual lessons. 

Guess what? I met Jorges son and ex wife!!! They live here in this area! They are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really know that God knows us because he put me in this area with this family. 

Funny story....here in Costa Rica people never have crazy hair. Everyone puts their hair up or does something so that its not crazy. So we were in the middle of a lesson and I took my hair out because I had a headache, and our investigator left the room....and then she came back with a brush and said...do you want to do your hair? Please. hahahaha. It was one of those moments I think you had to be there.

Being an especialista? We call the hermanas every night and ask them how they are doing and their investigators and a bunch of info. I have to get used to being firm or correcting people when they need to be corrected because sometimes its necessary and I'm not used to telling people what to do! Im the one who needs to learn!! But I pray every time and Hermana Montoya makes fun of me because I always pace around when I'm on the phone. I believe the most important thing is to just show them love and concern because thats what we are here for. Im not stressed yet! But tomorrow we have the meeting with President! Im a little nervous. Our zone is really cool. This month we are going to be fasting every weekend. Its Presidents last month as president and we have big goals. There is a lot of sacrifice, but I have seen the blessings!!!!!
Im excited to skype!!!!!!!!!!! we are going to skype sunday night im not sure what time, but just be ready. and I haven't gotten my package but we're going to san jose tomorrow and ill get them!! Please tell grammy that i got her package and loved it!!!!!!!!!! i love the earrings and necklace! :)) And please tell Granmama thank you for the birthday money!! :)))) I have the best grandmas.
Seeing these random cows on the side
of the road with our lovely investigator Maria Jose. :)

Hermana Montoya and I! :) The crazy Mexican Gringa.

Going to church with these beautiful investigators. Woot woot!

Cute kids making food creations with plants
and they shared them with us!

This is Jorge's son Moises, and the sweetest neighbor
who is a member, Sandra.