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Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Love Changes Everything."

Hola Familia!!!

I cannot believe that I leave to Costa in 5 days!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we got our travel plans on Friday. :))) I am so happy that my whole zone is going to Costa Rica because then we don't have to say any goodbyes. We have truly become like family. :) My second family away from my family. 

How do I describe this week? I felt so much joy. I just feel so happy here and I see little miracles every single day. I wish I could explain each one, but simply said, I know God is real. This week on Sunday my hermanas and I sang in church. I think I've told you before but one of our favorite things to do together is sing. We like to create new harmonies and try different things with hymns. It's the best. Hermana Whitman's grandpa saw the video of us singing and he said that when we come home we are going to be in a band called "The Hot and Beautiful" and he wants to be our limo driver. HAHA! We sang "Gran Eres Tu" which is How Great Thou Art. It was such a good experience and I felt the Spirit so much.

This week we got to skype with a man named Fransisco who lives in Mexico. We got to get to know him and share a scripture with him. It was so cool! I was happy to say that I understood at least 70% of what he said which is good. :) I just love latin people because they are so warm and they talk a lot. :) I am so excited to go to Costa Rica and have the opportunity to talk to so many amazing people there. I know it won't be easy, but I have a feeling that the friends I make there will be my lifelong pals.

I felt so much love this week. I have really been praying for the gift of charity, and I truly felt love come into my heart for the people I teach and for the other elders and sisters here. It changes everything because when you truly love people, you're not scared. You just try to help them, and you rely on Heavenly Father and the person to tell you what you need to share with them. I have felt my heart change while I've been here. Teaching is not about sharing a bunch of information and then leaving. It's helping people step by step according to their questions, needs, and worries. Even if you help someone learn simply that they have a loving Heavenly Father, that is simply all it needs to be. This work is about helping people come as close to their heavenly father as possible. This gospel really is a gospel of joy, peace, and comfort in this world. Even though life is not easy, we always can rely on the Savior to give us the strength that we don't have by ourselves. I honestly feel carried. I know that God loves all of His children personally. He will never give up on us and He knows the details of our lives and the thoughts and feelings in our hearts. He can make anything possible.

On a silly note, I got yelled at during gym time because we were playing soccer and I tried to stop the ball and I literally jumped in the goal and knocked it down!! Whoops!!! Also I just think this is so cute and hilarious but our teacher, Hermana Boza, is the best woman on this planet. She is from Peru, and she is learning English right now. She comes to class everyday with different words and phrases that she hears but has no idea what they are. Yesterday she asked us what "The down low" was. She also asked, "Why do people say: You are rock?!" Haha. We try to prepare her for the streets. ;) She wrote on the board "You are the bomb." and Hermana Whitman raised her hand and corrected the sentence to say: "You DA bomb." Hermana Boza makes my life. We have too much fun here. But hey, she'll be prepared!!

I can't believe that my MTC experience is almost over! Everyone told me that it would fly by and I said "Haha yeeeeeeeeeeeeah ;)" But it really did! This experience has been so amazing. I wish I could explain it in words but I have learned so much and my testimony has grown immensely. My desires to try better, work harder, trust more, dig deeper continue to grow every day. I love being a missionary. I know that we have help from the Lord and this is true, because how in the world could normal 18-21 year- olds do this?? We are not alone. I know that God loves you, and I love you too. I am so blessed to have grown up into such an amazing family who has taught me to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your constant prayers. I have felt so much joy and happiness and have literally seen miracles. BRING IT ON. :))))) With the Lord all things are possible.
Thank you for your support. I can't wait to call you on monday!!! Don't be separated from your phone! ;) Pura Vida forever!!!!
My flight plan! (Looking rather tired here).

Our flight plans! (Poofy Hair Day for me).

Hermana Best's birthday card from the Elders.
Lyrics to "22" by T. Swift


So happy to put this on every single day.

Espero que ellos tengan un buen semana! Les quiero mucho y para siempre. :)))

Hermana Hubler 

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  1. I know you will do a great job in Costa Rica. Be safe.
    Love to you,
    Auntie Gail
    Oh, yes I love the pictures.