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Friday, May 29, 2015

Some things never change. I'm referring to my disability with directions.

Hello. :)) I love all of your emails. I was excited to hear about the family campout. Thank you for keeping me up and whenever I hear about max and everyone I just want to see you! 
Mom I received your extremely honest letter. I just about died. It was a top 10 best letter I have ever received in my life. I enjoyed that girl chat.

Well today, Im not sure why but I feel a little anxious and overwhelmed with email time. I just feel like I cant get back to everyone and say what I really want to say. So that is the worst. Hope you can forgive me for some scattered emails. 

I love my camera! Im taking a lot of pics but there's always something that happens...for example today I brought the wrong chord so I cant send them. Thank you for your lovely patience.

We had double divisions this week. So I stayed here in this area for the whole week and let me just say that some things never change........I am referring to my disability with directions. hahahaha! I took like 5 wrong busses and we got lost a lot but in the end we ended up having some great adventures.

We are still working with 2 wonderful ladies. They were so READY to be baptized but one of the dear sisters got REALLY sick with a high fever and other terrible symptoms for days. It was the worst! It was a trial of faith! She was able to get a blessing from the Elders and we prayed and fasted for them. Yesterday night she was healed! So this week they will get baptized. :) We have been working so hard with them. They are amazing.

What else? I am eating, and breathing and preaching the gospel. :) Thank you for all your support. I hope you all know I love you. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!
The cutest little chunk! Her name is Sarai. :)

My cray cray companion. I love this woman!

In our house. :)

On P-day with the missionaries and our lovely investigator.
In a really tight alleyway..

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