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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Plot Twist


My companion is alive. Thank goodness!  *I will tell you more about that in a minute. 

This week was sacrifice week and everything started out awesome. We worked hard all day and we saw some miracles that I want to share. Do you remember J? Well she is a very humble lady who we have been working with for some time. She was going to get baptized two weeks ago, but suddenly she shut down and said that she didn't want to and that she would not do it because her daughter didn't want her to.  It was out of the blue, and nothing that we shared or did to help her changed her mind. She had read almost the whole book of mormon and believed that it was the word of God, but she still didn't want to get baptized. So we left her a specific chapter and with the assignment to pray and ask God if she should be baptized, and if she got the answer that she would, she would come to church and be baptized. On the day of her baptism, she didn't show up and we didn't hear anything from her for the whole week. We called and went but she wasn't there. 

So we decided to fast. This past Tuesday, we went to her house praying she was there. SHE WAS! When we asked her how her prayer went and she said good. We asked if she was going to be baptized on Sunday, and she said of course. We were kind of in shock. She said that she didn't know what came over her but she wanted to do it. And she did. This Sunday she came and it was a miracle! Everything went smoothly except for the fact that she slipped and fell in the font and bonked her head.....poor thing! But it was amazing that the Lord completely changed her.

*Now for the plot twist. Poor Hermana Fowler had a horrible week. She had a parasite and had to go to the hospital in Guanacaste. They couldn't figure out how to help her there, so they sent us to San Jose. Thats 4 to 5 hours away by bus and she was dying. I looked at her and wondered how in the world we were going to make it. So we said a prayer right there in the crowded bus station, and the Lord strengthened her. She made it! 

They poked her a million times with the needles, and had to do a bunch of tests, but we did have some fun! I distracted her by dancing, playing american idol church song version, and we made friends with every single nurse. We were there from Wednesday to Saturday night. We ate gross hospital food, but then the Lord kept blessing us. We wanted ice cream, they brought us ice cream. She wanted to talk to her mom, and she got to talk to her mom! We didn't even ask! I even got to talk to her mom and she is so nice!  We needed a visit, and Hermana Laboriel came!! 

We made up jokes that I was being like the mom because the nurses made her drink two pitchers of a horrible drink to clear her system and she told me...I just cant. So I told the nurse...nurse? She can't drink that. And he said....umm she has to. hahaha! And then every time they were about to do something I asked if it was going to hurt her. Is this what being a mom is like because I did not want anybody to touch my companion!! It was so HARD to see her suffer. The good news is that everything worked out and she is so much better. I am so relieved for her. She has so much faith and Heavenly Father healed her. I know that Priesthood blessings are real and the atonement of Jesus Christ is real. We learn so much every time a trial happens. I love Him.

Well here is plot twist number 2.

IM IN TEJAR AGAIN! I will finish my mission here. I feel peace about it. It will be a wonderful opportunity to be in a place where I know the people and the area to be able to go crazzzzzzzzzzzy. I want to give every drop I have. And to be able to take care of the Lords converts. I'm with a sweet hermana named Hermana Diaz who is from Mexico!!!!! woot woot!!! we are going to work our little hearts out for the Lord. I love this mission. I will send a lot of pics next week! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

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