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Monday, November 2, 2015

2 ways to keep from laughing.

Well hello.

You may be wondering why I'm writing so late. Well Hermana Fowler has a parasite. She has been in so much pain! So we had to go to the hospital today to do some tests. We are hanging in there. Her pain is my pain! But I know she'll be okay. She's feeling good right now. Also she had a spiderweb in her ear because a bug flew in there and finally they got that out!  But we completely cracked up in the doctors office. We have this horrible habit of laughing at the worst times! I've learned a few tactics to keep me from laughing. 1. drawing flowers on a piece of paper. This is especially good if we are in a meeting and I need a quick distraction. 2. biting my lip. It helps!  And despite everything, we are laughing and pushing through! 

We had a baptism on Sunday! His name is Luis and he is the sweetest man! He reminds me of a child because he is so pure! We found him last sacrifice week. We were just waiting for the bus and Hermana Fowler started talking to him. He lives pretty far away, but he came to church that sunday and loved it! He came to church 3 times and then was ready to be baptized. He was drinking coffee, but the moment we taught him the word of wisdom, he stopped drinking it. He was so precious because he also told us that he got invited to a pig roast but didnt go because he thought that would be breaking the word of wisdom. aww! But literally he is a miracle! He has such a strong testimony even after only 3 weeks. 

The baptism was amazing but honestly crazy. We didn't have white pants for him, so a hermano was going to bring his pair. Turns out that they came...and didn't have the pants. So they ran home and couldn't find them....meanwhile we were all frantically running around. So finally Hermana Fowler and I ran home to get the jumpsuit we had and we brought it back and it didn't fit! So we were just praying and our bishop was getting really mad and so then it worked out because he just wore the pants and tucked in the top....but hey it all worked out! Thats why we dont even have a picture! But the most important thing is that he was able to take this very important step.

We saw so many miracles this week! We were entering a new area and we started talking to a youngish girl with a baby outside her house. After talking, she explained that she was going to baptize her baby this weekend. We were able to share with her in moroni 8 about how babies are pure and they don't need baptism but we do. She felt the Spirit and she said, I've always wanted to be baptized. So we set a baptismal date with her! She told us after that she had been feeling really sad that day but after talking to us she felt so much lighter in her heart. What a blessing to help lift people in times of sorrow!

We met the cutest couple this week! The hermano was so sweet and got so excited to play the marimba for us. So that is the video that I just sent. He plays in a band. 

The best family ever. So down to earth and kind!
Hermanas Tamara, Josefa, and Innocente.
I LOVE Costa. This is the most beautiful country. The more I'm here the more I realize that even though we are all from different backgrounds and cultures, God loves us all equally and we are all His children. He answers prayers ALL over the world. I am just so grateful to be here with the Ticos. I love them so much. I am so grateful for the family I have and I love you!!!!!!!!

(Hermana Hubler's new release date is December 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Cutest boys.

This is the same waterfall that David Archuleta sang at in that family history video!!This is me singing like him if you were wondering. 

My dream. Yes that is a camel. I was scared but I gave him a carrot.

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