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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

7 days of learning.

Hi fam!

My mind is going crazy with this amazing week of learning that we had! Elder Duncan, who is a general authority and the area president of Central America came to speak to us missionaries. I was so impressed and he taught in such a way that was full of so much love. When he listens, he truly listens, and he shows his respect.

He taught us amazing principles that we have been taught before but just really hit me. Sometimes I feel so weak because how many times do I have to hear something before I put it into practice? It was inspiring. One thing that I loved that he said was that there are really 4 missions in Costa Rica. The West and the East, but also 2 more with angeles. He asked us if he thought we were the only ones working with our investigators and he said of course not. That's why we should work with old investigators of other missionaries because maybe at the time they weren't ready but now they are. There were soo many good things and I felt so thankful to be there. An elder read a poem that completely touched my heart. Its called I Was There Too if you want to look it up. 

We got to do a trio, Hermana Fowler, Hermana Cook, and I. We sang O Mi Padre to the tune of Come Thou Fount. Hermana Laboriel sent you a video, but I don't know if you got it. :) 

Can I just say that President Laboriel is the best person alive?! He is so funny and has so much energy. We were waiting to eat and he started telling us all his life secrets. He is a huge example to me and has made such a huge impact on my life. He pushes us because he wants EXCELLENCE. The Lord expects that from us. I really do feel like he is our dad. He is very personal with each one of us. 

Fernanda got baptized!! When I was watching her I was so touched because of her humility and how obedient and sweet she is. As you know, before her baptism, she had a very strong addiction to coffee and she was fighting it and couldn't get over it. We kept trying to help her the best we could, and she got a blessing, and then we did a fast with her. After that fast, she didn't drink even one cup and was able to be baptized the next week. Its amazing to see the change in her.

We were in San Jose this week so we called her every night for a few minutes to see how she was doing. She sounded so happy on the phone! Usually she is very calm and quiet but she sounded really happy. When I asked her why, she said: Because I feel like God is with me. Her friend Carlos went to her baptism and we asked if He wanted to get baptized too and he said yes! How do I prepare? (lets teach you!!!!!! do you drink coffee or drink or smoke? he doesn't.....getting baptized. now.)  He is 19 (future elder!) and has a very good spirit about him and it seems like he has been through a lot in his life. I feel so grateful to see these miracles that the Lord is blessing us with in His work.
A lovely day.

Our companionship is so funny. I love it. Guess what? Hermana Fowler talks in her sleep too! So every morning we have a new story to tell. Every morning we wake up and literally yell BUENOS DIAS! And give each other a high five. Tell me that is not the best way to wake up in the morning. hahaha. 

Well, I love you all so much. Until next week!

This is how we do.

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