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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Flooded with rain. Showered with blessings.

First of all that really broke my heart about Kel. Is she okay? She is such a fighter! They have to keep a really good eye on her ear because I'm worried. But I feel peace that nothing more will happen. Kel, you are my hero.

Well I just have to say, my time in Liberia with Hermana Fowler has been wild. We were talking about how we literally have not had a normal week together. We have been through a lot of challenges, but we are SO HAPPY. That's the good thing. Just know that we laugh and smile all the time and we are enjoying every second in this beautiful country and with these wonderful people! I can really say that I have never had a friend like her. We will be friends for life. You would laugh at all our inside jokes. We made a quote book so that we will never forget things.

It rained like crazy this week and the two days we DIDN'T bring the umbrella the rain POURED! Its because here in Guanacaste they say it doesn't rain but the second I got here it started. It literally made a flood in the street. Like a river! We had fun taking pictures with our investigators. Ill send them in two seconds.

We are having two baptisms next week. Fernanda is so special. She is very addicted to coffee but we fasted with her and she has stopped drinking it. And then we are also teaching Jasinta, this adorable 75 year old woman who just loves learning. The people here are so down to earth. I love them.

My health is fine but I have to be honest that my heart went crazy last night and i went all pale and we had to go home early. I have no idea what it is because when I did all the tests, it came out completely normal. It doesn't hurt, its just uncomfortable like it gives me anxiety. Maybe you can ask a doctor if they have any idea what it is.

Anyway, I love you!!

Our mission mom took this little clip of us singing a musical number.

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