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Monday, March 23, 2015

POR DICHA! That means thank goodness.

Hi family and friends :)

First of all I just want to let you know that I will now be writing again on mondays, not tuesdays.

 I hope that you both had a great birthday and I was thinking about you both on these days. What did you do? Sometimes I show people photos of my family and they think you look so young! Its true. :)

Mom, a really happy thing happened on your birthday! N got baptized. It was such a joyful day!! 15 years of knowing about the church but never being baptized, and she decided for herself that she wanted to do it. It was the best day ever. She was so nervous but afterwards she said that she felt so clean and happy. On sunday when she received the Holy Ghost and after, she looks different. She has really opened up to us and we laugh all the time. This family is incredible. ALL of them. I know this is a family I will be in contact with for the rest of my life. And they give us really yummy columbian food like deep fried arepas. YES. Ill send pics.

I just want to say I have a very strong testimony of the Holy Ghost. That it really can be a constant companion that helps us in everyday life. Many times we dont even know we are feeling it or that it is leading us until after. This week Hermana Acosta and I were walking by our abuelitas house. Her name is Justina. She is the sweetest, kindest, most loving older woman who is really lonely and we like to go visit her. We were on our way to visit other people and were about to pass her house, but then we said: we should go visit her. As we came to the door, her daughter told said, "Thank goodness you're here. Justinas sister died and she's been crying all day." So we went inside and we were able to know exactly what to do to help her. We hugged her, and sang hymns, and called someone to give a blessing, and gave her a foot massage. Afterwards, she looked peaceful and said thank you so much. I know God loves me because he answered my prayers. It was one of those moments where I felt so grateful to be an instrument in The Lords hands.

This week we saw many other miracles. Everyday we talk to people in the street, and one man that we talked to on the bus called us and said, I know a family who needs help. So we went to visit them and they are so cool. They wanted to get married, but for the church because they are already legally married. So we were able to explain to them that they can get married in the temple for time and all eternity, but there are certain steps that they need to take to be able to enter, and one is baptism. They were super interested and they came to church this sunday! Their son too. It was a miracle!!!

This week my companion got sick and fainted in the bus. :( That wasnt good. But now shes doing better. POR DICHA!  That means thank goodness. 

We also got to have interviews with president wilkinson. It was so good. He is amazing. Hermana A and I wrote a song for him and his family. Half is in english, half in spanish. He cried and was so happy. We also had a huge conference with all of the mission and Elder Maines talked with us and we learned so much. I was a little grumpy in the morning because we woke up at 4 to be there in time. haha.
I AM STAYING IN SAN RAFAEL! I am so happy. We got to go to an old folkes home today with the relief society and played bingo and then we put on some salsa and merengue and they LOVED it. They were all dancing sooo cute I wanted to cry. I love them. ;)

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week!! I miss you and love you and am always thinking about and praying for you. 

Good memories from a few months ago...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Wearing a mask around town. You gotta do what you gotta do."

Hello. :)))))))))))))))))))))))

This week was an adventure. Literally. 

I had divisions which is when we switch companions and work in another area for a day. I went to Belen (which is right by the temple) with Hermana Pizza, (which is a cool last name.) At one point we were outside the temple waiting for an investigator to arrive for a lesson, and then the wind started blowing with a whole lot of dust. We thought it was from construction or something like that, but then it got stronger and stronger and the air got thicker and thicker with a TON OF dust and grit. It started getting in our eyes and mouths and so we ran inside to get cover. It was because the volcano erupted! It was far away from us, but we felt all the ash blowing around. We couldnt go out for a while because it was pretty bad. Then I went to go take out my contacts because it HURT. And then we worked like normal. The next day, my lungs hurt from breathing it in. But Hermana A and I bought masks to wear. Hahaha! we looked like doctors walking around so that was funny. It felt super weird but you gotta do what you gotta do. Now everything is clear and good again but that was an adventure!!

One day this week I felt like a pioneer. You know why? Because one day ALL, I mean, ALL our appointments fell. So we walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked talking to everyone in our path and nothing was happening. I just want to thank you for praying for me because I really feel the prayers. Because even though we have moments super frustrating or stressful I feel a lot of strength to keep going. And we made it through the day and were able to visit a family at the very end of the day, and help an old lady carry her groceries and she called us her little angelitos that god sent her. :) 

MIRACLE of this week: Huge miracle. Ever since I arrived here in san rafael, we have been visiting a family from columbia. The mom is a member and her grandkids, but her daughter never got baptized.  She is the coolest person ever by the way. She has known about the church for 28 years and has never been baptized. She had a boyfriend who wasnt a good influence, she smoked a lot, and drank too. But then her son started inviting her to church, and she started coming every week. And then hermana A and I kept having her name come into our mind and we went to see how she was doing and how she felt in church. She told us that she felt really happy and that she quit smoking. One day she just said no more. and she never picked up another cigarette. Then she also stopped drinking and broke up with her boyfriend. And this sunday in the class she said that she wants to get baptized. That she feels like its the time. And she is getting baptized this saturday. It was amazing. 

I just want you all to know that I love you and thank you for all your prayers and love. Keep me updated!!!!!!!!! and sorry that I have been the worst at writing back! I promise you will be receiving better emails from me. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

"When we feel we are at the end of our rope that is the time that the Lord steps in and heals us and gives us success. At the last moment."



This week was full of adventures, good and bad. It was sad because we lost some really special investigators for many different reasons. When this happens, it hurts a lot. But we have the faith that the Lord will put people in our path as we are diligent. 

We had an AMAZING I mean AMAZING meeting with a member from the Seventy, Elder Alonso, and President and Sister Wilkinson. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I've had here on my mission, and their instruction was very useful. 

During their teaching, I kept thinking that I KNOW that these men are called of God. And the promises they gave us as we applied these things are real promises from God. 

Our zone had the opportunity to sing the hymn I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go and I got to sing a little solo. I was nervous but I felt the Spirit help me. At the end, Elder Alonso gave us all a blessing as an Authority. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. When he spoke I literally felt peace enter into my heart. Some things that really impacted me is that we will be able to share our testimonies without anything holding us back, and that we will be able to express clearly and with power. He also added a special blessing for our families, that they will be healed and blessed physically and spiritually. 
At the meeting. They are incredible.

Hermana Acosta and I wrote a song about the mission for President and Sister Wilkinson. We were going to sing it for them there but they had to leave fast, so we will soon. :) But part of it is in English and part of it is in Spanish. We will try to record it so you can hear it. :)

Yesterday we had permission to go to a volcano yesterday for P day!!!!!!!!!! That was the best. We went with Masiel (we call her Massy) who is the relief society president. She is like our best friend. She is super fun and I can't even describe how cool she is. So we went to the volcano and talked and laughed and ate after.

Eating typical Costa Rican food.
Best Day Ever.

Now the crazy part. I have turned into a Latina. I am serious! When we were there I saw a bunch of people from the united states and it was so weird! I felt like it was familiar but at the same time weird. Because now I LIVE here and breathe here and buy food here and sleep here and speak in spanish everyday all day. I saw some gringos and started talking to them. They were visiting from texas and wow....i dont even know how to describe it. Hope this all made sense. Hahaha.

I really want to train! I hope someday I can even though it is HARD. The truth is sometimes I feel like Im training right now because my companion is newish and very emotional, like I was at the beginning. I think because I started my mission really hard, I am a lot stronger right now. I dont cry. i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing, but i think its good because i feel a lot stronger. But I am trying to be a good companion and i will always try to be a good companion. I dont know why the lettering is like this right now....i dont know how to take it offf...haha.

Going to see the volcano - ballet style.
 Ok, there! Well............I love you all lots and love, love your emails!! And pics and just everything. Have a wonderful week and don't forget to be strong and suffer afflictions with patience...and when we feel we are at the end of our rope that is the time that the Lord steps in and heals us and gives us success. At the last moment. That is something I have learned from President Wilkinson and the scriptures, and also personal experience. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Drinking our coconuts!
Look closely. this is a temple she drew, and a temple I drew.
I'm an artist.

This is beautiful Carmen. She is one of my investigators.
She taught me how to make arepas and she said,
"Take a picture to show your mom"!

p.s. my health is really good. :) Just so you know. And I have been given a lot of strength here because even though its tiring, it doesnt affect me much.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"I'm sure you miss my chocolate crumbs on the floor, Dad! Don't worry, I'm making plenty of messes down here too!"

Ok first of all, thank you for being so aware of me and helping me. My stomach is doing better. But all these carbs are loco! We are trying to eat more veggies and less rice. But please know I am doing just fine.

I am so glad you felt the Spirit in the story of J! He is doing very well. This fast sunday he bore his testimony and he literally was glowing. He told us that since his baptism he has felt so happy and sure of everything because he feels the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We are continuing to teach his girlfriend. She had a really good experience at church and I think that J's example will help her come to be baptized.

I cannot tell you what joy this work gives me and to be a small part of it! 

Thank you for fasting for me!! I feel it. I have been really healthy and I have not had any problems working hard. This week I got a blessing from the Patriarch in our branch. We were there for a quick visit and we both had the opportunity to get one. It was amazing. He is like our grandpa. :) 

I got your letter! Hahaha! I love your writing style Mom!! And also a really nice letter from Grammy and her Valentines package! BOTH made me smile. YOu are a ray of light to me! I know you are always there and I feel comforted and happy and still so close to you. I miss you and hope you and the family have a wonderful week! 

P.S. Max should win the cutest baby award!!!!!!!! His cheeks and face and little body!!!! I just want to eat him up.

I'm sure you miss my chocolate crumbs on the floor, Dad! Don't worry, I'm making plenty of messes down here too!