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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sometimes I feel more Latin than Gringa.

I had changes!!! Guess where I'm going and who I'm with?! I'm going to....GUANACASTE. I am going to be a sister training leader there with...........HERMANA FOWLER! She is one of my best, best friends here and its pretty much a dream come true. We are still in awe because we are such good friends and we have the same goals and we want to work SO HARD. She likes to walk fast and I like to walk fast so it rocks. :) haha! But seriously its like having a sister.

Guanacaste is really far away and the hottest part of Costa Rica...the people there are humble and simple and they love dancing and playing music and it's close to the beach! And guess what? There are monkeys all over the place. I'm going to send you pics when I see them. 

Right now my hands are all shaky because we just hauled my huge suitcases around San Jose taking a ton of buses, and the handles are broken so we looked like two grannies struggling there....that was really fun. Also I had an embarrassing moment on the bus because I passed the sensor 4 times without knowing and he charged me double. That was not cool.  And we also got a little lost. We are staying in San Jose for tonight because we have a meeting. I'm exhausted because I said goodbye to everyone and had to wake up super early to pack.

Last night our Cocinera Yazmin was so sweet and planned a surprise goodbye family night for me. She invited our converts and they came and we ate baleadas which are burritos from Hondurus. It was so sad to say goodbye to them. I know they are in good hands.  Fabio ordained the Priesthood to Cristofer on Sunday, and Claudia and Jairo told me that its not goodbye because they'll see me in one year when they go through the temple to be sealed! I hope with all my heart I can be there.
Surprise family night and goodbye party.
I will truly miss them. 

I also went to Womens Conference. We brought M for the first time. She is an amazing investigator very preguntona. That means she asks a lot of questions. When we read the Book of Mormon with her, the Spirit is so strong.  I know little by little she will learn. She does want to be baptized.

I really like the new tradition of watching Women's Conference together. I'm glad you got to watch it with Grammy!  I loved the messages. It made me tear up because I feel at home when I see it. I love that it doesn't matter where you are in the world, the messages are the same and the spirit is just as strong. I feel united with the world when I see general conference.

Do you want to know something? Sometimes I feel more latin than gringa! I was looking at the choir and they are all blonde and then I looked around at all the dark haired people in the room and felt at home in Costa Rica too. 

I was sad to hear the news of Richard G. Scott this week. :( 3 of the apostles have died which is really sad. I have learned so much from each one of them. 

Oh!! I got the package of clothes!! THANK YOU. I will be able to give them to people in my new area.

kel is going to have the baby?!!!  I can't even tell you how happy I am for her!!  So are you going to be with her this week? I'm going to send her a little message. I will be praying for her!!! Im so excited!!! 

ps. I liked the email Uncle Joe sent. So funny.

Love you all!

The scary clouds. Yee Haw!

Divisions with Hermana Samayoa. Love her!
This is a toronja tree. They are like giant limes.

Isn't Hermana Maria so cute in her rain poncho!?

One of our last days together.

Our lovely investigators, Jonathan and Karen. 

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