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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

GUANACASTE…….The Happiest Place On Earth.

Hi family!!!!!!

First of all I am going to give a little shout out to my favorite sister in the world, Kelly, and the best brother in law ever, Mark, and little Maxy my angel. Today is such a special day for you!!! I will be praying and I expect to see many pictures of my beautiful niece Josie Lynn!! I love you and can't wait to meet you.

This week has been hilarious, exhausting, happy, and one of the craziest weeks of my mission. Well, don't be worried because everything came out normal, but I went to go to a little check up on my heart to see if everything was okay on Monday (it is). So we went to San Jose the day of changes, and then they told me that I had to stay in San Jose for 2 more days to do the heart monitor for 24 hours and then an effort test. Long story short, Hermana Fowler and I had to haul my HORRIBLY HEAVY suitcases with both of the handles broken across San Jose to bring it to the sisters house. As we were walking my arm literally gave out and the suitcase tripped me and fell on my heel and I screamed and it was so funny. Imagine it. Actually don't. We were laughing our heads off and stuggling so bad! When we finally got on the bus, I crossed the sensor 4 times and the bus driver yelled at me. (I already told you about all this I think).  Then my earring fell off and rolled under the bus drivers foot and I couldn't find it. So everyone (I'm not joking) was looking for it and then saw it under his foot.  He was not a happy camper. Then Hermana Fowler's arm gave out and when he turned the corner, the suitcase fell down the stairs and almost flew out of the bus. Needless to say the bus driver charged us big time.

Then we did divisions in Escazu and I had this heart monitor thing on and everyone was asking me if I was going to die. But it was really fun being with them for a day even though we just wanted to get to Guanacaste!
Finally after working in Escazu, and getting the results for the heart test, we took the bus to Guanacaste!!!!!!!! Its a 4 hour bus ride from San Jose. I love Hermana Fowler. We just want to go crazy in this country! I feel so grateful for her. Plus she is hilarious.

Let me paint a picture for you of what Guanacaste is like. When I stepped my foot on the dirt ground, I felt like it was a sacred place. It is hot. At first it takes your breath away becasue the air is very thick. Now I dont know what i pushed but this email is now in italics. i am sorry. haha. okay anyway, the first day i asked hermana fowler why my eyes were all blurry and she said it was because of the sweat that gets in your eyes. whew! 

Now for the people. This place is like Disneyland. You can feel the happiness in the street. Everyone smiles, and is happy to be alive. If we ask if we can share a message, everyone lets you in. The people are so ready here. Ready to accept the gospel! The houses are colorful and humble. Its green and there are palm trees. I love it here! I am grateful. 

I feel the SPIRIT in my life more than I ever have before. The house here in Liberia is very nice....and it has air conditioning, and a washer and dryer. This is wonderful area. I don't feel trunky. I just feel grateful to be in the Lord's work. 

I will send a ton of pics this next week because I left my camera cord in the house. oopsies!

P.S.  Wasn't conference incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I loved President Holland's talk.  You are that talk mom. Did you cry? I sure did. I felt so much peace hearing our dear prophet speak even though I was so worried for him because he looked like he was going to faint. I love our prophet and apostles. I have no doubt that they are men of God. One of our sweet investigators, Jasinta said….I feel good when I see this but I don't understand.. We told her that she doesn't have to know everything to know its true. After seeing conference she agreed to be baptized. 

P.P.S  I don't know why but everyone asks if I'm latin. When I tell them I'm a gringa they don't believe me. They think that gringas only have blonde hair and blue eyes. It makes me laugh. :)

I love you all! Until next week! I'm so excited to meet my niece!

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