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Monday, November 16, 2015

A song and pancakes

Hello everyone.

I just want to say that it is a huge blessing to get sent back to an
area that I love so much. It was funny to see peoples reactions when i
saw them again. Everyone was so confused and I just said...IM BAACK!
It was so fun! I feel a peace being here. I know that the Lord is the
one who does the changes.

Even though its the same area, it feels a little different because 
I have a different companion and different investigators...but so cool! The
members are helping us a lot which is a huge blessing. We are working
with the cutest family whose names are Alexander and Kimberly and they
are so special! We have been putting our whole hearts into helping
them make this step to baptism. They have been to church various times
and are keeping the commandments, but right now its Alexander that
needs his testimony. We have a family night planned tonight with
another family and I know the Lord will help them!

Funny story....this Sunday we wanted to help everybody, I mean
everybody come to church. So what did we do? We woke up early and made
pancakes and brought the ukulele and serenaded everyone with hymns to
wake up and go to church. Some people were dead asleep but who can get
mad when you get a song and pancakes! 

Another hilarious incident. We went to go pass by an investigators house who
was going to go with his sister's 7 children who were ready for church.
and at the end, he had a fever and couldn't go. And the mom
didn't want to go. So what were we going to do? Yes the 7 children
came with us. And I got to be the babysitter in church! hahaha. Imagine me
trying to calm down 7 children in sacrament meeting. Every second
someone was asking me questions or trying to pull off my plaque or
rolling on the floor and the whole time I was just praying and finding
ways to keep them reverent. But it was really funny! Kids are
innocent. They really are. And they liked primary. Next week the mom and
the brother are coming. So that was something funny for y'all.

Today I was thinking a lot about grace. We are rescued and
strengthened only through God's grace. Grace is Divine
assistance from God. It strengthens us to do things that we never
thought were possible. We need to plead for it so that we can do 
all that is required.

I love you all. And Josie is so precious. Hugs for everyone!

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