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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"It's Golden."

Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was real happy. I am happy, the missionaries are happy, Costa Rica is happy, my family and friends are happy, the world is happy. Thank you and goodnight.

In a summary, this week I saw some precious golden retrievers!!! Also we played night games with kids in the neighborhood in our skirts and we found some rocking people to teach. And I have a new companion! But I'm in the same area. :))

Look closely....can you see this precious little fur ball?

I wasn't expecting changes because Hermana M only has one change left and then she goes home. But when we got the call, we cried like little babies. I cant explain to you what it is like to have changes. You would think it would be normal, but its not. It's because you feel so much love for your area, your companion, and the other missionaries, and all at once, its different.

Its just a night before, and the next day, bam. Different place. But all I can say is that I am so happy that I am staying here. There is still so much to do. I am going to miss Hermana M, but I learned a lot from her, and we were able to laugh and enjoy what we did. 

My new companion is named Hermana A. The funny thing is that I met her in December at a missionary activity and we got along super, super well! And then when I found out we were companions I was soooooooo happy! She really is an angel. She is a baby in the mission, and she is from mexico. We have only been together for two days and I am already learning a ton from her! She has a ton of faith y muchas ganas de trabajar! SPANGLISH! That means she loves to work. When we taught today I had a special feeling with her. She rocks. The world rocks.

Also, we have an investigator named J and he is amazing. He is so amazingly prepared I can't even believe it. Everything we teach, he applies. He asked us if he could pay tithing before his baptism, and we said of course! And so he paid his tithing sunday, fasted, and paid his fast offering. He also told me yesterday that he stopped drinking coffee completely. He has been drinking coffee his whole life and told us that coffee is his way to have energy during the day, and if not, he has really bad headaches. But he stopped completely. And I asked if he had heachaches and he said no. WOW. The Lord is incredible. 

That is all the news i have to share. All is well, and I love you forever.

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