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Monday, July 27, 2015

Comfort only the Gospel can bring.

Well hello!

Well this week was good and hard at the same time. You all heard about the Elder that passed away. He had an asthma attack and that was really hard for everyone. I personally didn't know him but I saw a lot of the missionaries suffering. They had a really beautiful service for him.

 Also in our ward a really, really tragic accident happened. One of the members and her son were killed by a fire. Their house caught on fire and they got trapped inside. It was something soooo heartbreaking and horrible and the whole ward was suffering. Also a young man in our ward with a brain tumor passed away. We were able to go visit a lot of people this week and give them comfort that only the Gospel can bring. On Sunday a lot of less active members were at church. When something like this happens, it brings a lot of people together. But many prayers would be appreciated. 

I went on divisions with one of my best friends on the mission= Hermana Garcia. :) We had a blast and felt the Spirit so strong together. There are certain people that you just click with and we truly clicked. It was a really special division that we had. And we saw miracles!! 

We found a family that has a son with emotional problems. We visited his house and asked for him and he came right out of his room and was looking into our eyes and answering all our questions and it was so special. You could feel the love from God in the room. 

When we invited him to be baptized, he smiled so big and said yes. And he was so happy...he just said.."thank you." and he said the prayer and asked to be healed. His mom and his aunt started tearing up and said that he never leaves his room and he doesn't look at anyone in the eyes and he came out when we taught him. These moments are so amazing. 

Lots of other things happened too! My hair is burning to a crisp and I don't know what to do. Its like when you have split ends but my whole head feels like that. its from the intense heat. So today I am going to look for a heat protectant or something so I don't come home bald.

Hey! Hermana Bram and Kim came to visit me yesterday at church!! It was so special to see them. We ate lunch and it was really nice.

 I loved the pics you sent me of adorable Maxy Poo and the house! I like the new couches. It makes the room look really different but I like it. :)

Wow! That is so amazing that Sister Knapp wants to do a clothes drive!! That is soooooo nice. I think that would be so appreciated here! Tell her thank you so much. And thank you for wanting to help! There are a lot of investigators and recent converts that don't have very many clothes to go to church. They will be so grateful. 

Aunt Colleen and Uncle Terry are going to be living in utah?! Wowy! That is incredible. Pretty soon the whole family will be living there. p.s. how was pioneer day? Did you all put bonnets on and stuff?

I love you!! p.s. I have a new mission address if you want to send me things.

With Hermana Garcia and Elder Gutierrez
Hermana Erika Grace Hubler
Apartado 859-1000
San Jose C.R.

or send an email! ( erika.hubler@myldsmail.net )

This is an amazing family. This sweet wife wrote a poem about how she wants her family to be sealed for all eternity and she asked me to write a song about it. So I did and played it for them. :)