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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hello. Answers.

Hola y Pura Vida!

1. I'm not getting transferred. I'm still here in Tejar getting tan and working hard! I think I have at least 6 more weeks for the next change.
2. Yes, mi companera is going  home. :( I feel like a part of heart is breaking to be honest. We are completely opposite and we completely worked our tails off here. Last night the members threw Hermana Montoya a goodbye party and all our converts were there and it was so special to hear their testimonies. Our converts are truly converts! Its a miracle from God. I have just never seen so many miracles than with Hermana Montoya. I am seriously missing her already. My new companion is Hermana Flores from Mexico. It's going to be fun!
3. Yes, we have an amazing Cocinera. Her name is Yazmin. She is from Honduras and she feeds us really well. She served a mission and understands. 
4. I don't think I will be going home in January because there is not a change in January and so I'm pretty sure its December. I'm really confused and everyone here is asking so I will just keep you posted. But all I know is it's December or February and I'm pretty sure they won't have us extend a whole month! I'll let you know when I know for sure.

Please tell everyone thank you for the clothes! Our converts are going to be so happy! I'm serious. On sunday Jairo, our recent convert, put on a white shirt and tie and he looked so good. These people are so grateful for anything. Thank you! I cannot tell you thank you enough.

Thank you for all your prayers because I feel them. This week I got to go with my companion to the temple with all the people who are going home and our mission president. I was lucky because I was the only one who got to go with special permission! They were all like what are you doing here? But I enjoyed it. It was wonderful to be there.

(Hey, Dad, always remember the crunchy crunchy! Hahaha.)

Goodbye party for Hermana Montoya.
Mi new companera, Hermana Flores.

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