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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Words that will stay in my heart forever.


I have never felt so happy. The wedding and baptism was on Saturday. Of course it was crazy beforehand getting everything ready because something always happens but it worked out! We were praying that the members would come support and you know what? We had 60 people at that baptism. Even our mission president and his wife came! It was soo special. 

Before the baptism Hermana Laboriel went on visits with us! When people asked who she was, she said that she was our mom here in Costa Rica. And the elders went out to work with President. It rained and we all got soaked right before the baptism. haha. The rain and heat has been CRAZY here.

But really it was so special. There were a few little mishaps but in the end, that wasn't important. The most important thing was that they were able to get baptized and confirmed as a family. You could see their happiness. Yesterday they invited us over for dinner. Hyrum is really quiet and hardly shares his opinion, but he told us that he had something to tell us. He told us simply "I feel so happy and thank you for helping my family." Those words will stay in my heart forever.

Now for some business. I will be going home in January, not December. President said that if we were called to serve for 18 months or 2 years, we will stay that long. So don't worry about enrolling me. I actually feel fine about it.

To be honest, honest...at first I wanted to go home in December to be home for Christmas and go to school in January, but when he said that, I felt a lot of peace enter my heart and I want to finish my complete time. Also school will always be there, but my mission won't and there is still so many things to do here! 

Thank you so much for sending clothes and the support from the ward!! You would not believe how much it is needed here.

I love you ALL.

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