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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jumping out of my chair!


Well what a week. I loved seeing the pics of Swiss National Day with the fam! Wow you all went crazy there!  There was also a huge celebration here but for the Virgin of Los Angeles. A few bombs went off at 5 in the morning and you know what? I was dead asleep because I don't wake up for anything! So that was fun.

This week I went on divisions again! With Hermana May. She is so sweet and an excellent missionary! I watched her start her mission in Heredia and now she is doing some amazing things. I feel so blessed because every week I can learn from a new hermana. We had a ton of fun and we went climbing a bunch of hills and starving to death because it was the end of the month. oopsies. But now its the first of the month! yay!

We had an amazing meeting with President Laboriel. Can I just throw it out there that he is incredible? I know I keep saying that! He is making a ton of changes to this mission. Sometimes when changes happen the natural instinct is to want to do things in the way we used to do them. But President Wilkinson helped us prepare and accept everything the new president does because he is called of God to make us exceptional missionaries and an excellent mission. 

He changed the goals for baptism every month to 5 instead of 2. So we are going to go for it! He is now giving us pins for baptizing families and we have newspapers every month. In the meeting he exuded so much energy. He basically jumps out of the chair every time he talks.  

And we now have a song written especially for this mission! So much happiness fills my heart singing that! He puts us on the spot to recite the Articles of Faith and 10 commandments and prophets and a whole bunch of stuff. And if we get it wrong we do pushups! Well the elders do. Not the sisters. The elders do double if we mess up! haha. But seriously, this mission is changing even more for the better.

I just want to share a quick spiritual thought. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and I was surprised to see that Claudia (our investigator) got up to bear her testimony. She said that she used to never let anyone in her house - any type of missionaries. But when we came to her house she said that the first thing she saw was our smiles and something inside her told her to let us in. 

She said that ever since she has been learning about the gospel, her life is completely changed. Her husband found work, they have never gone hungry. and she said that she always used to wonder why we said "I testify this is true." But she said that now she understands and she can truly testify that this is the true church! Everyone was speechless to hear that faith filled-testimony. She is amazing and I know God truly touches peoples hearts. I know this is His work and I feel so grateful to be part of it.

I love you! (ps are you still going to do the clothes drive?)

My peeps.

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