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Monday, October 12, 2015

I'm an Auntie again!

First off I just want to say that Josie is the most precious baby! She is so beautiful!! I hope you know I was praying extra hard for her this week and she is seriously the most precious little thing! Welcome to the world Josie!!!!! Your auntie loves you so much! THAT JUST MADE MY WEEK. By the way, Kelly, you look like a model mom! How do you even look that good after just having a baby? 

Semana de Sacrificio....SOMOS CERDOS!

Okay, now I will explain to you what Semana de Sacrificio is. Our mission president rocks but, I am not joking, I have never been more tired in my life. He started a new thing called Sacrifice Week. That means that we wake up at 5, get ready, study a bit, and then we leave the house and work from 7 in the morning to 9 at night. We are now going to be doing this once every month.

Day 1_ we went to the park and contacted by SINGING! I brought my ukelele and we sang hymns for people and then got their information to visit them. Then we went crazy talking to every person in our sight. Part of sacrifice week is working in the other missionaries area to help them find. The first house we knocked on was a family. And a really special family. A ton of miracles happened this day. We also met a gringo who said a whole bunch of bad things about us and the church and Jesus Christ. We left immediately and I just felt sad for him. I felt like the Lord protected us because when he started getting fired up, he stumbled over his words and he couldn't say much. It was a very exhausting day.

Day 2- I thew up the whole night long. It was violent. I got a virus and had a fever the whole day. The elders came over to give me a blessing, and my companion was the best because she took care of me and read me scriptures and stuff so I didn't feel so bad. We always find a way to laugh in everything. In the afternoon I felt better so we decided to work. MISTAKE. The sun was not too great for a fever and I sat on the ground and we took a taxi home. Its kind of funny thinking about it! hahaha. I don't know how people found out I was sick, but all the members were calling and one hermano even brought us dinner at night! Its so amazing how much Heavenly Father blesses us and protects us because the next day I was COMPLETELY healed.

Day 3- We found a family in the eldrers area. It was a miracle because they had gone to church in the past, but the missionaries hadn't found them since. They had been praying to have changes in their lives and then we knocked on the door. I honestly have no doubt in my mind that the Lord guides us to families as we strive to do what's right.

Day 4- We saw a miracle. We have been teaching a golden investigator, Dayan for a while and she is ready to get baptized. The only thing is that she is not married and her "husband" has never heard our message. This day we were able to talk to him. He is very shy and doesn't open up to anybody but as we spoke to him, he opened up and told us some doubts that he has had. He started crying and we all teared up, and then he said he wanted to get married and work to this goal of getting married and baptized too. He said the prayer as we knelt down and he prayed that he could be prepared to do this. He came to church this Sunday with his family.

This week was full of miracles and exhaustion but so worth it! I have a testimony of opening our mouth because we never know who is ready. a man we talked to at the bus stop came to church this sunday and LOVED IT. Sunday was amazing because many people came to church and it was all thanks to God. 

This is such a long email! 

Now I will explain what this cerdo thing is. A cerdo is a pig. Okay, so president told us a story about a chicken and a pig who loved the farmer with all their heart and wanted to give him something special for his birthday. The chicken said that he would give his best egg, but the pig knew that the farmer loved bacon and said he would give up himself. 

President explained that we should be like the pig because we sacrifice the best we have....OURSELVES. 

When we heard this, this elder got up and yelled SOMOS CERDOS! (we're pigs!) So thats our little inside joke. 

wanna hear a funny story?

We were walking by and a man started cat calling us and wanted to show off his english so he said..
hello! goodnight! good morning! happy birthday!!!
Just thought you would appreciate that little short funny moment.

okay love you bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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