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Monday, September 21, 2015

The creatures in our house.

We found a mother and a daughter this week and it was the first lesson with them. We sang a hymn with them, and afterwards I asked if it was okay if I said a prayer. And then out of nowhere I started counting 1...2.. and then I caught myself. I was like..uh. sorry about that. haha. And then I said the prayer. Hermana Flores started laughing but covered it up with a cough. (Why are coughs such good ways to cover things up? just saying.) So that was that!

This week we got caught in a storm. But I'm talking STORM. We were walking and then a few huge drops of water started falling but we hardly felt them and it was still sunny. Then all of a sudden it started pouring like in the movies and then the lightning lit up the whole sky and there were huge cracks of thunder and then Hermana Flores and I looked at each other and just started running. we ran into Popeyes. :) Hehe. So we ate mashed potatoes until the rained stopped. That was fun.

Have you ever thought about what is the greatest gift that we can give God? I learned this week that the greatest gift that we could give Him is our agency, our own will. Just let Him take us and do what He would have us do. If we let Him control our lives, He will make us a million times better than we could ever be by doing what WE want. One thing that I felt this week is that all the glory and success is because of Him. Everything good that happens is because He made it happen. We really don't do anything. :)

I feel happy because our sweet investigator told us yesterday that she has truly felt her faith grow. She kept the Word of Wisdom this week and is saying her prayers and reading the Book of Mormon and she found work this week because of it. She also said that she is learning things that she has never learned before. I love seeing changes in people. Guess who is getting the Priesthood next week? Jairo and Fabio, and Fabio is going to be able to ordain his son Cristofer!! Miracles. 

Well I love you all!

The creatures in our house.

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