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Monday, June 1, 2015


Hello my lovely family y friends!
This week was miracle week! Maria Mercedes, Elizabeth and Jennifer were baptized!! Can I just say that before someone gets baptized it is a race, a war, and a just the craziest time. So on Thursday all the missionaries in our zone went to their house to help them with their paper work because they had a ton! So we were all just laughing and having a good ol time and then one of the sisters told my companion that she was leaving to Nicaragua the next day! and inside we were like noooooooooooooooo! so we made a bunch of phone calls and we were able to do the baptism on friday...the next day. It was a wild ride to make a really long story short but the day of their baptism was sooo special! We have something very special with this family and I wish you could meet them someday because they are just so amazing and FUN.  Like Hilarious.

This week was also amazing for the hermanas because we were able to meet our goal for this month as a region and I just have to say that I now have a true testimony of fasting. Because this month we really put it to the test and every night and every prayer I just pleaded God for these people and that everything could be okay. He makes everything happen. My trust in Him is continually growing because He never leaves us and if there is one thing that Ive learned, we always have reallly strong trials of faith right before the miracle. :) (ether 12:6) I cannot tell you how grateful I am!!!

Now for a random little story for your enjoyment. Our bishop rocks. He is a really big guy, talks really loud, and he was giving a talk and said a little joke and for some reason it just made me do my man laugh. AND NO ONE ELSE EVEN CRACKED A SMILE. So everyone looked at me and I went red. End of the story. Maybe it was something that you had to be there. I appreciated that moment.

Guess what? I got asked to sing a solo in stake conference! Im excited and nervous but Im sure it will be fun. And yesterday a little accident happened and I bit my lip really hard and it bled and now I have a nice swollen lip that looks like i put purple lipstick on. But I like it! Makes me look tough and its not that bad. Also random thing. Here we like to do fun handshakes with people and then we rock it. i taught them to do the snail and they love it! hahaha. It rains a lot. And thats about it for the news of this week!

I heard about Elder L. Tom Perry yesterday. He was an amazing man and Im so grateful for his life and all his council. :)
I love you all!

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