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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

If you work hard in the rain, THIS happens.

This week it RAINED … I mean RAINED. You know in the movies when someone is walking on the side of the road and then a car comes by and
splashes water ALL over the person? That happened to me. TWICE. haha!
Good thing we ain't here on missions to be in a fashion magazine!

Sometimes its really hard to work in the rain because nobody wants to
let us in their house to get their stuff wet. So we were just out for
hours trying to teach and find. 

But you know what a returned
missionary in our ward said? That when you work hard under the rain,
your husband is going to be super attractive! So we were like....YES!
And we may or may not have sent that to the other hermanas to give
them a little encouragement! 

Our investigators are doing so well! We are teaching a family right
now. We found them on the street and then the dad called us
(which is rare).  He wanted to learn English. So at first we
started teaching them English and then they started asking questions.
He has two step daughters and they are the
sweeeetest girls and they have all these questions. They LOVE reading
the Book of Mormon and they even shared it with their teacher. They
have been coming to church and we are helping them be baptized this

Something spiritual I learned and had experiences with this week was repentance.
I just know that its something that we really should do every day and
there is a true peace from doing that.

This week was kind of hard. I realized this week that there were some things that I
didn’t like about myself and was feeling anxious for mistakes. I had a
long talk with Heavenly Father, and now I feel a lot more peace after

My companion is amazing and I love her and
we get along super well. We are both helping
each other become the people that God wants us to be. And like you said,
I really have turned a corner in my mission. We are trying to be diligent and
work super hard and try to be really obedient.

Mom,  I know you have
that special mom sense. Thank you for all your prayers and fasts.
Also I miss you all a lot. I think we are always on the same wavelength! When you
dream about someone it’s because they are thinking of you. And also,
Its so hard to not have you!
Sometimes I just want to be hugged because it’s very rigorous. Good
thing I have an amazing companion. We talk all night and we can be

We had a little scary experience with almost getting robbed. But God
really protects us and we have elders in our area who are always
willing to help.

It was kind of funny because we called the Elders and they
came with 4 other big guys who know the streets and they were like “we
will protect you! “ So its good because they know who the elders and
sisters are and look out for us. Because yes, some parts of our area
are kind of like the hood. But don’t worry, we really are safe. We know
what areas to be in and what areas to avoid.

I guess that is part of the experience. You have to be tough to be a sister
I am thankful for prayer and God's protection.

Well that was my week! I love you! Have a wonderful week.

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