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Thursday, August 7, 2014

"I have a problem. It's called: I always want to check the mail."

Hola mi familia!                                                                                                                                 August 6, 2014

Como estan?! Thank you so much for the package!!!! That package in a grocery bag made my entire week. The letters were the BEST! I loved every word! As usual, I will write you a letter to respond specifically to everything. :) But just know it made me so happy. I have a problem. It's called: I always want to check the mail. Everyday everyone makes fun of me because I'm always like: "can we check the mail yet?" Not a day goes by that we don't check the mail at least 4 times thanks to me. :) Oh the joys. 

Thank you also for the workouts!!! Heaven knows imma need those. Hermana B and I have continued to do them, but recently we have been kind of sluggish because of all that cafeteria food. Also you should see how many treats we have in our classroom. It's all from Hermana E. And we all eat it. We have oreos, candy, beef jerky, fruit snacks, and everything else you could imagine. Whew! I should send a picture. Honestly, all I want is gum. (Old lady voice) But I can't!!! Wah. ;) But you know what is funny? We sometimes play basketball during gym! We usually play 2 on 2 and it is so much fun. It's kind of an adventure everyday because you know how I freak out and laugh super hard when people chase me? Well when I have the ball, I just run around laughing uncontrollably. It’s honestly more of an ab workout than anything else. There is a reason I dance. Enough said.

Alan, our investigator is doing pretty good. :) We have been improving our teaching as we have learned how to make lessons more personal and applicable to him. It's so true that the gospel helps every person in every circumstance. Our purpose as missionaries is to identify the relationship between the person and Heavenly Father and then help to strengthen it. It's very personal for every person and we need to be very sensitive to the spirit and truly listen carefully to the person to find it and know how to help them. Luisa is also doing really well! She committed to get baptized! :)))))) She loves reading from the Book of Mormon and always shares with us her thoughts about it and we love it.

All of our friends in our branch left on Monday. :( We are really excited for them, but it was kind of sad to see all of them leave because we all became so close. They were kind of like our older siblings. But we are getting 22 new missionaries in our zone today!! Now we get to be the "big kids" and help show them around! I can't believe we leave in 12 days.......is this real life? Yesterday we watched some "I'm a Mormon" videos about people living in Costa Rica! You should go look them up on lds.org. The people are named Freddy Marine, and Irene Monterroso. We all got so excited we started tearing up. :)
Well, there is always so much I want to share, but I just want to say that I'm so grateful for your support always. I have been learning so much here, and I love being a missionary. I feel very close to Heavenly Father and I constantly have desires to change and improve. We are never alone. I love you! Pura Vida and muchos abrazos!

Hermana Hubler
Some of the best people I know. I love them.
There is something wrong with this picture.

That slightly awkward moment when you see a good friend you've known for many years and suddenly you can't hug because you're on a mission. Hello Elder Bailey! Call me Hermana Hubler. 

Costa Rica in 12 dias!

One of my very favorite Hermanas heading to Mexico.

Because you have to love those accidental photo bombs!

Well, I'm the crazy one. 

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