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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Welcome to the Army!

Well hola!                                                                                                                   July 30, 2014

 How is everyone doing?! This week was a lovely roller coaster. Right now I am just staring at this blank screen trying to figure out how to organize my thoughts. (Nothing new there). Today has been an awesome P-day because we did our laundry at 6 am, cleaned our apartment, went to the temple, and got lunch at the main campus. Their food is so much better than ours - haha!! But I'm secretly glad I don't go there to eat every meal or I would come home on the Biggest Loser. They have this ice cream bar....mmmMM! I can't control myself. Gimme some of dat. I always like to see the new missionaries that come in. We always see them on Wednesdays outside the temple saying goodbye to their families. We always say hi, and Hermana Whitman always yells "Welcome to the army!" God's Army that is. I can't believe I've already been here for 3 weeks! Pura Vida in 19 days!!!!!!!!!! :)) I'm starting to panic of happiness and nervousness.

This week we had the opportunity to sing at a baptismal service activity. It wasn't really an actual baptism, but we had a talk, a musical number, and a discussion. It was awesome! I hope you were able to open the file I sent you. We sang a version of the primary song "I know Heavenly Father Loves Me." Hermana Whitman's aunt arranged it and she taught it to us. It had a little bit of soul sound to it so I loved it. We sing a lot together and we try to arrange different hymns. We're in the process of creating an arrangement of "There is a Green Hill Far Away" and "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." But it's in Spanish. :) Can I just say that I love the Spanish language? It has such a different type of expression. It's truly beautiful. I can't wait until I actually know it and can make actual sentences instead of spitting out terrible grammar and random combinations of nonsense. :) My mind is a jumble. Poco a poco and it's all going to be alright. But guess what? Hermana Best said that she woke up in the middle of the night and she heard me say something in my sleep in Spanish. That made me super happy! Who knows if it made sense or not but, there ya go.

We get to teach at the TRC now! That means that one night a week we get to go visit with 3 different members and share a spiritual thought. It's really fun and keeps me going. We also now have a progressing investigator. That means that we teach someone everyday for two weeks. And guess what? I am really good friends with our investigator! He is my friend from BYU Salsa Club and his name is Alan. He is so nice and we're really happy we get to teach him. He has this huge smile that lights up his whole face. He has had a really hard life, and we have been trying to help him with his needs. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what to say and I want to help him so badly. The other day I kind of had a little break down because sometimes I wonder how in the world this is all going to work out. I am still me, and I'm shy sometimes and feel weak, but I truly KNOW that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and helps us every step of the way. He can make anything possible, because He loves all of His children.

We had a really cool experience with our investigator, Luisa the other day. We had prepared a lesson for her and we prayed to have the spirit with us to help teach her. We were kind of stressed because we didn't feel super prepared so we were a bit nervous. When we went in, we ended up having a really amazing conversation about something completely different than we had prepared. There was a point when she was sharing an experience she had with us, and I couldn't understand what she was saying, but I felt something touch me in my heart. She said the prayer, and she said such a kind, heartfelt prayer and we all felt the Spirit. 

We have such INCREDIBLE devotionals here!!! I wish everyone in the world could come hear the talks given. So inspiring and just....wow. Brother Groberg (From The Other Side of Heaven) spoke yesterday! He talked about the importance and power of bearing pure testimony in our words, actions, songs, writing, and who we are. It was powerful! We also had a chance to watch a movie on Sunday called "The Character of Christ." It was a talk given in the MTC by Elder Bednar. I can't even describe how much it changed my thoughts and feelings. He talked about how Christ throughout His whole life turned outward, when we all have the urge to turn inward. He gave so many examples of Christ's pure love in the scriptures. It is hard to explain fully, but I just have so much love for our Savior and want to try as hard as I can to become more like Him. After our devotionals we always have a review with our district and someone from the branch presidency comes to chat with us too. Yesterday we had President Shallenberger!! Let me just explain what kind of man he is. He is super smiley, loud, passionate, and hilarious. The first 20 mins he just told us these crazy stories of his days as a mission president. They were insane! And when he laughs, he throws his head back and stamps his feet. I really love him as our Branch President. :)

On another note, we play soccer every thursday and I scored a goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First one in 19 years. I almost teared up. Hahahaha. Also can I just say that Hermana Best and I literally get such a kick out of the elders. Sometimes I literally wonder what is going on.....but they crack us up. We have this one elder in our zone who we are good friends with but we always make fun of him because he cuts up his popsicle with a fork and knife and then eats it...what in the world. There are so many stories I could share but they are all the kind of stories where you sort of have to be there so if I were to type it- it would just not make sense. Good times, good times. The good news is, Hermana Best and I are so weird around each other and it doesn't even matter because we're the same amount of weird. YAY. I feel so bad for Hermano B because he has to put up with so much with a district of only hermanas. He goes red all the time. It's funny. He's the best.

Anywho, I'm writing you a letter today. :)) I love you and pray for you every night. I'm so lucky and blessed to be a representative of Jesus Christ. If that's okay I just want to share my simple testimony. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior, and through the atonement, we can be healed from our sins, and comforted and strengthened in our sorrows. I know God lives and is our loving Heavenly Father and He has a perfect plan for us.  I know Joseph Smith was truly called of God to be a prophet and through the power of God was able to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ back on the earth. I know the Book of Mormon is true and truly testifies of Jesus Christ. I know the Bible is the Word of God. I know that prayer is true communication between us and our Heavenly Father and He really wants to hear from us and everything in our hearts. I truly know these things to be true. :)

Thank you for everything!! Pura Vida :)


Hermana Hubler
God's Army.

Singing at the baptism.

A little too excited about these cake bites that Aunt Beth sent.


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