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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Peace and blessings, peace and blessings!

Hi! :)))

This week was so good. I am so grateful because my stomach didn't feel so nervous and it was just a very happy week. We taught our last lesson with our investigator, Karina last wednesday night. Right before teaching I was soooo nervous and almost crying. It was a hard day for me and I was struggling. I prayed really hard for more faith and trust that God would help me. The lesson was a little shaky at first, but then I remembered in a devotional that we had that when missionaries bear testimony of Jesus Christ, it is very powerful. Karina was expressing some of her worries, and I was able to tell her that we don't have to be perfect. I bore her my testimony of the Savior very simply. Then as we were closing the lesson, I asked her if she would be comfortable giving a prayer. She did, and it was such an amazing spiritual experience. She was crying, and we were crying, and it was just such a testimony building experience. From that experience on, I realized that I am just an instrument. Sometimes all you can do is bear your testimony and the spirit will take care of the rest. As missionaries we are not alone. I have felt closer than I ever have before, because we are constantly relying on Him to help other people and do and say the right things. :)

We now have other investigators we teach- Leonardo and Luisa. Hna Best and I taught Leonardo yesterday. We are making progress everyday. We are starting to work better as a companionship, and instead of having so many notes, we try to just teach from our heart even if our Spanish isn't perfect. Sometimes my Spanish is able to flow and I can say what I want to. (Even though my grammar is terrrrible! Hahahaha I laugh at my myself.) But our spanish really is improving slowly but surely! It's fun!! Also it's really amazing because I feel like I can understand most of what is said in the classroom and in our lessons. Once when we were teaching I said that we can become clean from our "Pescados" (That means fish, instead of sins which is pecados) Haha! Oh dear, oh dear. 

I love the people here! The Hermanas in my district are the best! We have so many funny times! We started making a quote book of all the weird/hilarious things that people say. I think if we had elders in our district we would be a little more well behaved, but since we're just girls we sometimes get a little distracted....it's hard to stay focused ALL the time. HA! Really hard actually. Oh we met a famous person! The first week here Hna Whitman saw this elder and was like, "He looks like the lead singer in my favorite band!" But we didn't think it was actually him. We ended up becoming pretty good friends with those elders and she asked him and he said it was. It's a band called Maritu and it's a latin boy band. Pretty cool!! 

Anyway, I just want to say I'm really happy to be here. The devotionals here are the best!! We have so much support and love and I just feel so lucky. Thank you for all your prayers, they really, really help. I love you all so much and hopefully this all makes sense. Keep telling me about everything! I love you :)))) Peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

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