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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Family

Dear Family,

I know this is not very much, but unfortunately the time for writing comes and goes so fast!! I just wanted to write a letter of gratitude. I'm forever grateful for your constant love and support. You have always done everything for me and I don't deserve it. You are the most wonderful, amazing examples.  I feel so blessed. I just want to say thank you for raising me in the gospel, and more than that, loving me always. Bugs, you are an amazing example to me too. 
I love it here. It's hard. I understand now a lot more. Missionaries must be very strong and faithful all the time. I can understand how easy it is to give up. But I won't. :)
Thank you for the prayers. I am not alone. I have found some of my best friends here, and most of all I have strengthened my faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ and what he can help us become. I'm still working on it. He is there. I pray for you every day, and know I am well taken care of. I'm so happy to hear what's going on at home so keep telling me. Daddy, I miss your funny comments and I could really use a dad hug right now. And Mom. And Bugs. I love you! 

Love, Hermana Hubler

P.S. I love wearing my name tag!!
My nephew will be so big when I get home!

My family.

My nephew, Mr. Wiggles

Sibling Selfie.

Prayer feet.

Me and my sis

Me and my favorite sibs

Nice photo bomb

My dad and my little brother like to wrestle. All. the. time. 

They're cool.

Me and my mama. 

A kiss on the head for good luck, little bro.

Sweetest cheeks.

Nice one.
Me, my sister, and my mom.

My parents. Thanks for the cheek pinch, Dad!

My sis and her husband. Cutest Couple Award.

My nephew is a little piece of heaven.

The Gentlemen. My little brother, my dad, my brother-in-law, and my nephew.

Baby Love.


Da baby.



Uncle and Nephy.

We're obsessed with this child!

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