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Thursday, January 1, 2015

"Worm Hairs. Lets just pop that on the list of weird random things that happen to me."

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


First I just want to say that talking to you all was the best feeling in the world. It filled up my soul and now I feel extra strength and happiness to keep me going. Thank you for making me laugh so hard and I love that you all are exactly the same. I know I may have a little accent now.......hahahaha.....but I am still the same. I swear there is a part of me that is Latin. Maybe I was Tica in the premortal life :) But really, that MADE my christmas. Happy happy happy. :)))))

Love love love!

This week was a little hard. People weren't in their houses, or we couldn't get a hold of them, or amazing golden investigators told us that they didn't want anything. So it was pretty sad. But the amazing thing about the Atonement is that the Savior never leaves us and keeps His promises no matter what.

We were able to find a family this week! His name is Oracio and we met him because he was outside building a huge dollhouse for his daughters. He is super nice and we are going to have a family home evening with him and his family and another family in our branch tomorrow. We also met another person just by happenstance who had met with the missionaries 3 years ago and was reading the Book of Mormon, but the missionaries got changed, and he never saw them again. And then we found him again! The Lord really does put people in our path. 

Also on christmas day, we went to a members house to drop off the computer,  and we met his niece, Yadira. She looked right at me and said: I want you to teach me English. So I said okay!!! Lets do it. She is also a Christian and loves talking about Jesus. We now go to her house 3 days a week. First, we teach about the gospel, and then we teach English for a half an hour after. She told me she wants to learn how to pray in English. So we are starting. Miracle!

Last, worm hairs so you are not all confused. Yesterday we were doing service and I was carrying a piece of bamboo and there are these worms on the bamboo that have hairs that stick and go into your skin. And so lucky me....that happened. There were like a billion black splinter looking things on my arm. We spent an hour trying to get them out but they wouldnt come out! So finally Esmeralda scrubbed my arm super hard with a sponge and a lot came out.  Lets just pop that on the list of weird random things that happen to me. wowy. Love you all dearly and have a great week! And clark, email me the story!! 

Worm attack!

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