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Thursday, February 26, 2015

"I think I know what my favorite part of my mission is."

This week rocked.

First of all J was able to get baptized!!!! He was so ready from the beginning but still hesitant the day before because his Love didn't want him to. She was really into her religion and wanted him to wait more time. He felt torn but decided that he would do it. We were praying so hard for him and tried to help him have the faith. His faith is incredbile. 

The day of his baptism, his girlfriend came!!! And it was a miracle because she supported him and was very pleasant with us and when he got baptized she cried. The next day in church when he received the Holy Ghost, and she came too!!! And she cried and cried and later she told me it was because she had never felt anything like that before in her life. She now wants to be baptized too!!! And so now we are teaching her. I know it was because of the faith of J and he fasted for her too. I was in complete awe at these amazing miracles. I think I know what my favorite part of my mission is. Seeing someone recieve the Holy Ghost. Its like a visible change in their countenance. :) 

We also found a complete family!!! They were actually previous investigators of missionaries about a year ago but we found them by knocking on a door. They are super super cool. So I will keep you updated with that.

FUN and funny things of this week: Yesterday was p day and So we decided to write songs on the uke. We are really good friends with our zone leaders and they were making fun of us so we wrote a ridiculous song for them. After that, we wrote songs for every companionship in our district and all the funny and inside jokes we have. It was hilarious! And we wrote a rap. So that happened. Today our district leader made us bring the uke and play in our district meeting.. hahahaha. I love all these funny moments.

I love you so much. I love how i can still feel your love even in a different country. I forgot to tell you that I GOT MY PACKAGEEE!!!!!! And I love all my crocs!!!!!!!!!!!! They are beautiful and comfy and cute. And you are so in tune because you got me bandaids and stuff because yes, I did get some blisters. And thank you for everything else too!  And I have been taking both the vitamins and the probiotics you sent and I think that they are helping. :)
I am so happy to hear all the NEWS!!!! And all the fun and amazing things that are happening. I love you all forever. :)

p.s. Also thank you for the mascara! I am serious, it costs 50 dollars to buy one here.  I am not kidding. So thank you! And I gave one to my compa too. :)


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