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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Please don't smash an egg on my head!

Here in Costa Rica there is a tradition that when it's someone's birthday they get an egg smashed on their head!! But I hope that doesnt happen because that is just nasty! Here people dont celebrate a whole lot but i dont mind. I know it will be a great day. :) I cant believe im turning 20! This is the craziest decade. why is everybody growing up? (old granny voice)

I love the scriptures. My goal is to always read them an hour a day when I come home because I have seen how they truly come alive and help us everyday.

Are you still planning on coming to costa rica to come get me? Better start practicing your spanish! hee hee.

We had a baptism on saturday for andres. He was seriously a golden investigator and is a great example for his family. :) When he gave his testimony I had the feeling that he will be a great missionary someday. 

I love the members here! I dont want to leave san rafael but I have a feeling I am going to have changes. :( I know that everything will be okay no matter what happens. 

My branch president, president briseno and his wife want to meet you!! I think they are coming on thursday or friday. They have our address and number so I hope you can meet them!! 

Yesterday I heard a really sweet quote. Its a saying about different languages.

English is for business
French is for speaking to your love
Italian is for singing
German is to scream at your dog
and Spanish is for talking about God.

I am so grateful to speak Spanish and teach the gospel in this beautiful language. To these special people. I love my mission. Thank you for supporting me and always inspiring me to fulfill my dreams. I have never felt happier, despite all the challenges or weird or hard things that happen. I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!

p.s................... I hate to drop the bomb but.......my camera is broken. I'm so sorry! I have no idea how it happened. Boo. 

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