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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I am still having crazy Spanish adventures in my dreams.

How is everybody? :)

This week was a wild ride! Semana Santa ended. The majority of the people here are Catholic. This past week they did some interesting traditions where people dress up like Jesus and Mary and carry crosses, and play drums and march around at night with candles.  It was really interesting. We passed by a few of these procesiones. 

I just have to start by saying that I am still having crazy spanish adventures in my dreams! Everyday my companion tells me new stories. The other night I sat up straight in bed and took her hand and said, Hermana, I just want you to know that Im always here for you and that if you need anything im here. and then she asked: like what? and I said cualquier cosa. (anything) haha. Im so crazy. And then another night I said really loudly: what do you want from me!! and then another night I gave a whole lesson about the word of wisdom. hahaha. I just need to practice a lot. Also do you want to know what Im famous for? Making up words. To this day I make up a ton a words and people laugh because I say it with such confidence that its almost real. I have my own dictionary. HA!

This week we had the most amazing meeting with president wilkinson. The zone leaders called us the night before and told my companion and I  that we had to do a demonstration in front of EVERYONE. I was like aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! So the next day we had to go up and do a practice lesson in front of the whole 3 zones that were there. And president stopped us and corrected us and we were both shaking and lets just say it wasnt the best lesson in the world, but at least we tried! And I learned A TON. I am serious we have the most amazing president. We learned how to plan and teach better. and it was specific and clear, and after hermana acosta and I made a plan to put all the things in practice and we have seen a huge difference in just 3 days!!! I am so grateful that I am literally learning so much. I am weak, but the lord strengthens and teaches me!!! And I have to rely on him every second to do this work.

S and C couldnt get baptized this week, because C is still having problems smoking. But after, he said a kneeling prayer that he could quit smoking and when we talked to him today, he said he hasnt been smoking in three days!!

Guess what?? I have great news. My branch president, president briseno and his wife andrea are coming to utah!! They are going april 20 and they told me that they want to visit you!! I gave them our address so that they can come. So if there is anything you want to send with them or anything, just let them know. Im so excited!!! And they both speak english. But how cool is that! :)) 

And Mom thank you for always being so thoughtful. you are literally the most amazing person I know. Thank you for always helping me with my needs.  And YEP. My health is good. 
And I heard that KELLY IS HAVING A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so so exciting!!!! I cant believe that kelly is going to have 2 kids! max is literally the most precious thing I have ever seen. Also I had a feeling that the baby was going to be a girl! Have they thought of any names?

Have a wonderful week and I love you all!!!

Never too old to have matching rings!

This is andres....getting baptized this saturday. :)
Gabo, the little guy, taught me how to tie a tie.
I have been taught a billion times but
he is the one who actually taught me!

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