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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

If you have the Spirit, you will always have the words to say.


Conference was the best! I got to watch a little bit in English which was really nice! I loved all the talks and I liked the theme about families and that it is the key to happiness. I know its true! I think its interesting that whatever phase of life we are in, we always need to strengthen our testimony and keep doing the basics. one of the basics really is reading The Book of Mormon. What I have learned is that when we have investigators who read the Book of Mormon, they are the ones who truly become converted.

We had a really lovely experience yesterday in conference. Our investigators told us they would come but they didn't come and didn't come...and we were worried and sad, but then we just prayed a lot and had faith and THEY CAME! They are the cutest little couple that has been through a lot in their life but have desires to follow Jesus Christ. Afterwards, we went into a little room and had a lesson with them that was very powerful and the elders came to give them blessings to help them keep the Word of Wisdom. This weekend they are planning to be baptized, and what an amazing day it will be!

Today was Hermana A's birthday so we had permission to go to the zoo!! My favorite animal was the sloth. THE GOOGIE! It was the funniest little animal. But you know what? Zoos make me a little sad. But it was still fun. And we went to the children's museum that used to be a jail. So that was a bit strange. And then Hermana A and I bought matching rings. Haha. 

This week we went to go visit a huge list of people in the Relief Society. We ended up finding some families that are really in need. It made me sad because one of these families is the family of a past branch president. He has been inactive for 6 years. and another family was a gringo family. He worked in the temple and everything. He is really off in his ideas right now and has all these piercings and turned hippie and said a lot of things that actually had my eyes filled with tears. But I was praying the whole time to know what to say.

 You asked for some impressions I've had. I have been thinking about how humbling a mission is. Because you realize that you don't know anything, but you have a mantle. And if you have the Spirit, He will always give you the words to say. There are some really DIFFICULT situations sometimes where I don't know how to handle it, but I trust in the Lord and in the Spirit and everything works out. At the end, this man gave us an amethyst to put our positive energy in and he said it was a really special gift and he doesn't give it to anyone. So that was funny and cool.

Another thing this week was we met a man who says he has the gift of seeing peoples' spiritual gifts and reading eyes. He told me that I have a special gift with children and that to find people and get to peoples hearts, is through the children. So that was interesting.

I love you! Thank you for telling me everything and the pics that are always so precious!!!

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