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Friday, April 3, 2015

I was afraid you would be wondering if I died.

Im glad you're not worried that I'm writing on wed because I was afraid you would be wondering if i died...haha always jumping to conclusions like me. ,) 

I went to the womens broadcast and saw all the utah hair and skirt and jacket combos and I missed you, mom!

Yes i felt the earthquake! it was in the middle of the night and i woke up with my bed shaking. almost every night i have dreams that im home from my mission and every time it feels so real!! My mission is flying. But i love it so much. I cant wait until we can talk and talk and talk and laugh about all sorts of things. 

Thats so fun!! Im so proud of dad for always working so hard and winning that trip! And you got to see the michael jackson show! And see kel and mark! I cant believe how sweet maxy is. I really miss you all but can you believe that I have been here for 9 months! Thats halfway done!!

Things are going really good right now. N is super strong. She is going to be a strong member all her life. :) We have seen miracles in this family literally. All who needs to get baptized now is her dad. He is this super passionate man who is really funny and intimidating, but hes actaully been progressing a lot. Before, he never listened to the missionaries, but he gets along well with hermana A and he is now listening! He even gave up coffee.  And we had family night with them and he watched a video with us about Jesus. It was amazing. We are such good friends with them and if you come, you HAVE to meet this family. We laugh with them a LOT. 

This week in costa rica is called semana santa. that basically means its reaaaaaaaaaaaly catholic for a week. And they do a bunch of activities like prosessions in the street and put crosses outside their houses.

Our investigators are doing well. Right now we are working with a couple who want to get baptized because they want to get married in the temple. They have been married 13 years but they wanted to get married for the church. We explained to them about temple marriage and thats its forever and they really want it. They are really sweet. We were teaching their son too, but his sister told us yesterday that he really isnt interested. other than that, we are just running around like crazy! I love hermana A so much. We literally act like sisters that sometimes get a little snappy but then forgive  fast, and then talk about everything without judging.

Im still having crazy dreams and talking in my sleep! The other day I woke up singing [I see my mother kneeling, with my family each day!* and I sat up straight in my bed and said. [hermana, tomorrow we need to talk to everyone in the street.. and then the next night i woke up saying what do you want?! I am crazy. But every single night I am having conversations with people! in spanish! hahaha

We had a talent night in our branch. I dont know if i already told you. It was fun because the young women wanted to do a dance and asked us if we could choreograph it. So we got to choreograph a dance for them! we didnt dance it, but we got to do a reallllly fun service. Also we sang an adele mash up with the cup game as our talent. It was fun. :) Today we went to the temple and it was so wonderful. 
You should be getting a letter soon. 
I love youuuuuuuuuuuu! :)))
Playing the uke for the old folks for a Relief Society activity

Us. :) My sister

Natalie's baptism!

Eating lunch in the mall for p-day. Life size legos as tall as Hna Acosta!

Dolls that Hermana Carmen made for us. She is Natalie's mom and she is AMAZING.

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