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Thursday, October 2, 2014

"I held an iguana tail. AY. AY. AY. Oh the things!"

With the beautiful bride!
Carolina's Baptism!

Hola Familia!!!                                   September 30, 2014

This week was so wonderful and crazy too!

Carolina and Juan Carlos got married!! And Carolina was also baptized! It was such a wonderful day. We went and picked up carolina and went with her to get her all dressed up with her hair and makeup and everything. She was so beautiful! Then we drove for an hour to the chapel where they were married! On the way there Angie asked me if I would play the uke while she walked down the aisle. So I did! I got to play Senor, te necesito. (I need thee every hour). It was super special. Its really exciting because in one year they can enter the temple and be sealed. Right afterward Carolina was baptized! She asked me to give the talk on baptism so that was really special. I felt the spirit super strong when she was baptized! She is such an amazing person and so willing to follow the savior. She was confirmed in the chapel. Afterward, I asked her how she felt after and she said that she feels clean and calm and happier than she has ever felt. It is during those moments that I just feel so grateful to be a part of this great work.

Some random things that you will be shocked about. During our district meeting, the district leader´s neighbor was just about to kill an iguana to eat. So they took a video on my camera!!! I did not watch! But I did hold the tail. And afterward it was moving around like crazy because of all the nerves kind of like a snake. Welcome to costa rica. They ate it but we had to leave. I also held a snake. Also Brother Jimenzez killed the family chicken to eat and made me hold the heart and guts in my hand!! AY AY AY. Oh the things.


Last of all, we are now in a new area. On sunday we were supposed to recieve calls if we were changing areas, but we didnt hear anything, so we just went to bed. In the morning at 8 we recieved the news that we are changing areas and so we packed up our whole house in 2 hours and left just like that! It was really sad and weird because we didnt really get to say goodbye. It was just like a blur. But my experience in florencia really was one of learning and crazy adventures and small miracles. We are now in poco ci for four more weeks until I finish my training. The time flies! I love the gospel and know that it is true. The Lord truly knows what we can become and helps us every step of the way. Often times we dont see the changes until one day we look back and realize how much help we truly had. I love you and keep me updated!!!
Our neighbors.
Going to miss those daily talks
and ice cream with Macho.

Con mis hermanas. 
  A tearful goodbye. Amo a mi mamita mucho.

Tanto amor.

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