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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Tica Talk (straight talk)."

Plantains-my favorite! Granted, I burned the first batch but hey!

That there is a volcano behind us.

My New Ukey!

Mucho Rain! Matchy Matchy!

Little Daniella y Maggie the dog.

Bus riding along.

Yo y mis hermanas.

Here one thing I've noticed is that Ticans don't say thank you a lot or gush. They just show their love in different ways. But you know they love you when they treat you like family and boss you around and tell you to clean your room and do things for you. They are the best people in the world. 

Also random, but if you ever need ideas for packages, office supplies and toiletries are the best. And peanut butter. I love pens and colored pencils for scriptures and just anything officy is the best. And maybe a pillow! Ha ha!

Right now I am writing and Prince Royce is in the backround at Angies house. Sorry it took so long for me to write. Today we were preparing all day for the wedding!  Carolina and Juan Carlos are getting married this saturday and carolina is going to be baptized right after. She is golden. She is so so sweet and wonderful and humble. They live in this tiny little house and their story is really interesting because they have been living together for 6 years and have a 4 year old daughter but they are so young. She is only 19. Juan carlos is a member of the church. They are both so excited to get married. They live really far away so we go to visit them with Hermana Angie every week. I will make sure to take lots of pictures! MY FIRST BAPTISM! She is the best. :) Sweetest, most beautiful girl. 

Well, que mas?? Well, there are 5 people in our branch. FIVE! Can you imagine! 
We had divisions this week which means that we change companions for two days and go and visit in their area. I went with one of the sister training leaders. It was such good experience. She is super super obedient and it was so great. I was soo happy and felt the spirit!! When I feel the spirit, I can speak and understand spanish and it is a miracle. She told me that I am probably going to train after my training and she told me she is going to write a good report to president. That made me really happy. 

I Iove being a missionary and being tired at night!! Yes I bought a ukey! I named it Yendry after my companion (my mom. she calls me baby haha) Mi Abuelita here wants to paint it for me because she is a painter. Yes I have used it with investigadores. Its really cute because a lot of people have never seen a ukelele before and they think it is a baby guitar. Which it is. I love it! We sing hymns and they love it. Funny random story. On the bus we always talk to people. I sat next to this viajito and he sang a song about my eyes to me! I laughed and laughed!

My hands are almost all the way better! Love you!

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