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Sunday, December 14, 2014

"The people in the city are a little more rushed, but I know we are going to baptize here."

Tuesday, December 9th

Muy bien ma y pa! Que buena espanol! Guess what? I’m in a new area. I had changes yesterday. My new companion is Hermana Medina and she is from Mexico. She has 3 months left in her mission. I am still getting to know her, but she is kind and calm and very spiritual. I have a feeling I am really going to like my time with her. She is very obedient and we are very obedient together. 

I have a lot of goals for this new area because it’s like a brand new start. I am in San Jose...the city...in San Rafael. It is super beautiful!! I love it already! I am going to send you a picture of the view outside our window. I am ready to change and become better everyday. 

Changes are really hard. :( It’s hard because I really, really loved Pococi. The ward was amazing and I have a lot of friends that I am never going to forget. When I left yesterday, Hermana Bram and I cried and cried. But everything we went through and all that happened made a relationship that I can't ever forget. My time with Hermana Bram was a time of great growth and understanding and expanding my compassion. And now I am stronger. 

My goal for this new area is really to always be exactly obedient, to be more bold while teaching, have more faith, and really get to know my area. The people in the city are a little more rushed, but I know we are going to baptize.

It sounds like you had a very Christmassy week! Your questions made me laugh :) Did you like the Christmas devotional? I thought it was beautiful but I didn’t really get to pay a lot of attention because I was running around. 

Have you seen the little video clip HE IS THE GIFT? We are sharing it with the whole world right now - with people on the street, with investigators, members, and just everyone! We have had some really spiritual experiences because of it.

My dad asked me some questions:
1. How's the language coming along? Do you feel like you can express yourself?

   2. Do you still burst out laughing your man laugh sometimes? Can you make the Costa Ricans laugh and do they appreciate your humor?

  3. What do you eat every day? What is your favorite food?

  4. Is Costa Rica pretty? I hear it is beautiful there. Have you seen the ocean?

Okay now for your questions. :) 

1. I can understand practically everything and speak a ton. I still feel more myself and my personality when I speak English, but I am starting to feel more like myself in Spanish. Sometimes I can't say exactly what I would say in English because I don’t know how to say it. I still make a lot of language mistakes but I can communicate or give a talk. I always pray in Spanish now and I dream and talk in my sleep in Spanish and sometimes I think in Spanish, but not always. 

2. Hahaha! I have laughed really hard at times, but not as much. But yes we laugh. Ticos LOVE to tease.

3. We eat rice and beans every day. But it is not plain white rice. It has tuna and vegetables and its really, really good. Platanos and a type of meat. Really yummy soup with potatoes and platanos and yuka. There are a lot of exotic fruits here too.

4. Costa Rica is beautiful. Here in San Rafael the houses are all colorful and there are palm trees everywhere and beautiful green hills. Pococi wasn’t as pretty, but I loved it because of the people.

I can’t wait to skype with you too! Thank you for everything! I love you! I am sending a package with gifts from Costa!

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