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Thursday, December 4, 2014

"A delicious Thanksgiving feast of rice, beans, and platanos."

Hi Fam,

First, Happy Thanksgiving a little late! :) Im glad you had a nice time in good ol Casa de Bret! I lovvvvvvvve the pics and Max is the cutest, sweetest little guy in all the world. He reminds me of Clark when Clark was a little bean.

As you probably know, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but in the morning, Fari called me. (My next door neighbor) and she said in perfect English with no accent or anything, "Good morning. Happy thanksgiving. And then she invited us over for lunch and we celebrated thanksgiving by eating fried chicken. And then we sang happy birthday" for no reason. Yep. Thats our lives. :)

At night we also were invited to eat dinner with some of our investigators and we ate a thanksgiving feast of rice and beans and platanos. :) It was delicious of course. Super fun. These people are so nice. They are very Catholic but always are welcoming to us and always listen. They always tells us, "when you go home and then come back to Costa Rica, you always have a bed to sleep in when you come." :) 

Second, I GOT MY PACKAGE!!! Yesterday we went to San Jose because Hermana B had an appointment at the doctor for her feet. (But everything in just fine.) On the bus ride home, we were all so anxious to open it that we all just ripped it open. But I didn't open the wrapped things yet, I controlled myself. But thank you soooooooo much. I cried a little because I felt so much love and I am so grateful that I have a camera now! Thank you so much for everything! Also I love the ctr rings and GUM. Haha for the house only, I promise. :) Wow I wish I could put into words how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.

We had a really cool spiritual experience this week! A sister in church brought her friend Fernando from Madagascar to church. He is interested to learn more about the gospel. He is learning spanish because he is going to be studying here for four years. He doesnt speak very much spanish yet, so I was able to translate for him in english. It was such a spiritual experience. He has a ton of questions and I felt truly like the spirit was using me as a tool to help answer his questions about the gospel. We are going to start teaching him. He is really amazing and very receptive.

K and J and B have been coming to church regularly and guess what? She went to the doctor and they told her that she still has 4 more weeks until the baby is born! Can you believe that!
4 MORE WEEKS TO GO! Say whaaat?

Well, I love you all so much. The Lord is always near and hears and answers our prayers. He is always blessing us and even though there are trials every day, remember that they are things that are helping you become who He wants you to become and there is no way to fail. Keep on keeping on! This gospel is true and changes lives. There are so many things I wish I had time to share, but I will talk to you next week!
Us and our Zone Leaders. Last day with
Elder Tai (far right). He is the best
leader I've ever had.

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