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Monday, June 22, 2015

Bonus: "10 Fun Father's Day Facts About My Dad."

AH! I have so much to fill you in on! Lets just start off with the business shall we? 

Ok, prayer works. The Lord really does take care of everything and its incredible. I am assigned to serve in the Costa Rica West Mission! My new president is President Laborial and he is from Honduras. The secretary in the mission told us that the West Mission changes are a little before the East Mission. So that means that I am finishing my mission in December!! SO I can end my mission and also go to school for Winter semester!  Can you believe it? Miracles.

I am doing so good. I really am. There are really hard things, Im not going to lie. But we are trying. The zone this month did soooooo bad. We had baptisms but they all fell for different reasons. So that was hard. And we are the leaders so we have the guilt and we are going to have to give accounts for that. But for some reason, I am filled with peace because we are trying hard and constantly trying to find ways to improve. 

The good news!!! We are teaching an AMAZING FAMILY. A complete family. They were previous investigators from the elders but they never progressed. Then we started going and they have completely changed. They came to church 3 times and love it! And they love praying. We made this little guide for them to help them learn how to pray and they are so excited to use it!! And wow its just awesome. They had a baptism date for the 20th of July and then they were like....we cant wait for our baptism! So we changed it for the 4th of july. :) 

We are having fun. We had an amazing stake conference and I sang a solo in it! I sang the primary song Whenever I Hear the Song of a Bird. And the missionaries sang Army of Helaman and Sisters in Zion. It rocked and Im so glad it turned out because we only had like two days to practice it but it all came together. I loved it! I wake up feeling so happy and ready to work every day. 

There is this family in our ward that reminds me a lot of our family, just younger. There are two girls and a boy like us and the dad is our ward mission leader. He coughs and clears his throat like you do, Dad, and also has back problems and wears this corset thing for his back and we make fun of it. He really reminded me of you! I was thinking about you all day. Happy Father's Day! I love you and you're the best!! Thank you for supporting me on my time here!

10 Fun Facts About My Dad:

1. He cant yell. His yells are like whispers, they just can't carry.
2. He loves treats just as much as the kids do. When we ask my mom for treats, he's just as excited. (I know he has a secret candy stash because I may or may not have found it.)
3. When we get in a family fight, he's the first to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. He always takes correction.
4. He has a sense about boys. He ALWAYS knows.
5. He laughs when he's tired. 
6. He has a gift for cooking. But NEVER uses a recipe. He likes to invent and be creative and most of his creations are tasty tasty tasty.
7. He knows about the gospel and has a gift for answering the questions of my soul. He explains in such a way that is so correct that you can't deny it.
8. He CANNOT latin dance. (He does a ridiculously good robot though.) and his Spanish sounds Finnish. hahahaha! I have no idea where his latina hija came from!
9. He loves my mom. He will just pop out random comments out of nowhere like: kids? did you know mom is the most beautiful woman in the world? and he protects her. If we are disrespectful to her, he will do something. He will do anything for her. 
10. He is................THE BEST DAD ON THE PLANET!!!

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