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Monday, June 29, 2015

Put On Your Combat Boots. You Are A Warrior.

Hi ....: )

I'm really sad to hear about Kel Kel. You are such an amazing warrior,
Kel! I can't believe it. :( I am going to fast for you and you are in
all my prayers. Seriously that is devastating. But I have faith that
you are going to get your hearing back. You are amazing.

Also I just have to say I love the pictures!! Kendra's garden is 

I am so excited for you to meet
President and Sister Wilkinson. They are incredible. You are going to
cry hearing them. They are some of the most amazing, powerful,
Christ-like people I have ever known. 

On Tuesday we had our last
meeting as an entire mission before it splits tomorrow. Half of my
friends from the MTC are in the East mission and half are in the West. I
am with President Laborial from Honduras and I am staying as a
sister training leader in Tejar. The meeting was one of the most
sacred I have been in. There are so many things I have learned from my
mission president that I will never forget. At the end he gave us a
blessing and bore his powerful testimony. It was one the most
incredible moments I have felt here. Then each missionary, one
by one, got to say goodbye to the family and the sisters could hug
President Wilkinson and the elders could hug Sister Wilkinson! It was
incredible. Hugging him felt like what hugging Jesus would feel like.
I cant wait for you to meet them.

Well...there was also a huge curveball this week. My companion woke up
in a panic and she told me that she thought she had lice. So I checked
her head and she did!! It was absolutely horrible. I didn't get it. 
We went to the store and bought special
shampoo and treatments and pills for protection. But I felt soo bad
for her! She got really bad depression from it and couldn't eat like
the whole week. Every day I combed out the lice and had to squish it
with my fingers so it pops and dies. Sorry if this is TMI. But last
night I took out the rest and we were both crying because it was
something really emotional that happened this week. But she is okay
now. And we are like sisters because we have gone through so much
together. We love each other and would do anything for each other
and that is true Christ-like love. I have no idea how she got it but demographically 
we are in a very humble place. 
 But this pill we took protects us for 6 months. Sooo that was not fun. 

Last night we both got fevers and a cough. So right now we are coughing 
and stuff but we are going to take naps after this. It's going to pass by fast.

The mission is so crazy sometimes but so wonderful! Because its like a
bootcamp to shape you into a better person and always serve. Always
think about others first. I love that because its just the best thing.

We have a whole family getting baptized on saturday!!!! 4th of july
will be the best day ever. 

I Love you and I just want to say thank you
for everything and all the support and you all are warriors.

ps. Funny random thing for your entertainment. Guess what we did last p
day? We took a tour of McDonalds with hairnets on. BEST P DAY EVER. We
were just eating there with the other hermanas and this worker said,
'hey do you want to take a tour?' and we said 'um of course!!!' 

Ok bye!!

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