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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hey, I'm down!

Well hello. :))

I am so happy you all had such an amazing 4th of july! That really sounds fun. I hope you can all feel my love especially with all the things you are going through in the family. You all are warriors...

This week was a week of miracles and craziness because we were planning for a wedding and a baptism for the family Davila Carrillo and we needed to help them sell arroz con leche to help pay for it, and it went so well! All the members helped and it was just a miracle how well it turned out. The wedding and baptism was soooooooo special! I will send you pics. They were beaming. I love this family with all my heart. They are so cute. 

We also moved houses this week. Its because my companion was breaking out in rashes all the time from being in there because it was really humid. We found a cute little apartment! My companion and I were struggling one morning because we were both a little sick and we had to pack everything and our minds were just not working. We decided to put the Lord first. So we studied first, and we said a prayer that we could have someone help us. Right after that, Hermana Maria, a member called us and said "Im outside". She came in and,  just like a mom, ordered us around and we packed the whole house in an hour. It was a miracle! Now we feel really good and happy in our new apartment. The Lord really does hear every prayer.

We met our new mission president! Oh my goodness he is awesome. He is really strict but so loving! The way he runs this mission is a little like the military but hey, I'm down! We have to memorize all the Articles of Faith and different things. And now we can't drink cola. But the truth is that it is better for our health. But I love him! He has so much energy!!! We now have a new motto as a mission. He asks us: a que aspiramos?! (what do we hope for?) and we respond El reino de dios o nada! (the kingdom of God or nothing) como lo lograremos? (how will we achieve it?) and we respond CON FE EN CADA PASO! (with faith in every footstep!). REALLY LOUD. It is the best. I am so excited for this mission. Things are just going to go up from here. 

I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful weeeeeeeeeeeeeek-.

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