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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Word on the Street

I don/t know what is happening but we are seeing miracles here. We
found another family and they have been to church two times and they
want to get married and baptized! They are amazingly prepared. They
have very little but they still save up money every week to go to church.
Our investigator gave me a necklace that she made and gave 
Hermana M a little doll that she made. 
They are just amazing people.

In Tejar this week I went on divisions to San Carlos again. It was
really rainy with a lot of hills. I was with Hermana F and it was
so fun with her! I love divisions because sometimes all people need is a little boost-
something different because sometimes the mission can get stressful.
So its fun to just have fun.

I memorized all the Articles of Faith in Spanish! My president requires a lot and is 
amazing. I like him. He has a lot of energy. He is very loving. 
He is way different from President Wilkinson but in a good way. They are both incredible! And he tells us that he is our dad. One thing I love about him is the way he treats the hermanas. He always tells us that we are princesses and treats us with so much respect. I love that.

Also I just wanted to ask you if at the end of my mission can I give away all my clothes? There are so many people that don't have church clothes and I have already given away some pieces but at the end I think I am just going to give away most of it. 

Love you, Bye!

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