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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"My camera fell into a cup of horchata."

Yes, it's true, and I'm super sad about it.  We were making a funny video in our apartment when all of a sudden my camera fell into a cup full of horchata and now it doesn't work. I'm not really sure what to do. Maybe I can buy another one here but I am poor! Right now I just have Faride, my neighbor take pictures. The camera of Hermana Bram got stolen.....

Thank you for all the pics! I loved them! You all should be models. Okay? Also everytime I show someone pictures of my family they say that my parents look so young. Also Im so glad that parker went through the temple! What date does he leave again?

This week was really nice. We had a zone conference and interviews with President Wilkinson. I got to play my uke and sing for it. It was really fun! Im so happy I have a ukey. The interview went really well! I truly love President Wilkinson. His presence is super strong and I feel like he sees into our souls which is a little intimidating but good.

We also had lots of adventures. We are still getting to know Pococi and so one day we were walking and got lost for two hours!!!!! But hey it was fun. Today we had a really fun P day with our district. We got permission to wear normal clothes and we played soccer and ate tons of pizza! I love my district. They are a bunch of crazies.

Last but not least, Mariana got baptized yesterday!! It was super special and we had a ton of support from the members and her family even came too. My favorite part was when she bore her testimony afterward. Wow I just feel so happy! They are feelings that are hard to explain. Oh and Hermana Bram and I sang with the uke too. 

We have changes this coming week so I will keep you updated. I have no idea what is going to happen, but I know it will be okay. There is always so much to say, but if you have any specific questions I will tell you everything. 

2 funny things.
1. No one can say my name and everyone makes up names for me. I just laugh and laugh. But a lot of people call me Hermana Hitler which is terrible! 
2. I talk in my sleep every single night and yesterday I was apparently yelling super loud the name of our neighbor, Faride. FARIDE!! Poor Hermana Bram can never sleep. 

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